Why Closing Bizarre Creations Is The Right Decision

360 Magazine: I’m sick and tired of reading all this negativity about Activision when for the most part, it is not to blame.

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Igneel2983d ago

''It’s like blaming the apathetic gamers who didn’t buy Blur, yet are now “Up in arms” over the studio’s closure. ''

He do have a point there.

Quagmire2983d ago

Im quite the opposite, I intend to purchase Blur and Blood Stone, yet feel completely indifferent to the studio's closure..

AAACE52983d ago

I would have bought Blur, but it just didn't seem like it was worth $60. Then by the time it started dropping in price, I wasn't interested anymore!

Baka-akaB2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

this is a silly argument ...
They marketed the game like crap and released it not only at a bad time , but close from a more publicized and better rival : Split/second .

It's too easy to lay the blame on gamers afterward . Especially when initially , i light of the first reports of poor sales , activision was pretending the game sold fine , and that they were fully committed to support Bizarre and even looking forward to a blur 2 .

Those idiots from Bizarre were even defending Activision right in the middle of the IW rift , and sining the "activision is the best" pr song

gamingdroid2983d ago

Seems like MS did the right decision and now Bizarre is a turd on Activisions balance sheet.

If you have to blame anyone, blame the gamers for not buying the game. I'm sure Activision wouldn't leave any money on the table with their gigantic greed!

showtimefolks2983d ago

they should either go work for sony or the new EA partners program

sony because it will give them freedom to do what they want and they will work on one console

EAP if their ip is important to them

going back to MS is a BIG NO NO they need to stay free of being bought and crap by anyone even if sony want them to work. work as a 2nd part just my personal opinion

they were with MS and made some great games with activision they made some good games its not their fault it didn't sell

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toaster2983d ago

Activision is closing it because Bizarre aren't the kind of devs to milk a product year after year after year for Koticks annual yacht purchase.

Si-Fly2983d ago

Yeah whatever, if you include MSR Bizarre released 4 Project Gotham games within 5 years, they know how to milk a franchise! I loved the Dreamcast and original xbox games so I'm a little sad to see their demise but going on recent output it isn't too much of a loss.

skip2mylou2983d ago

hey i bought blur and liked it played it for a good 3 months

Sarcasm2983d ago

Unfortunately they just haven't made a truly stand-out title in awhile.

That doesn't mean they weren't talented and I hope those people find a good job elsewhere.

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