Trade-ins will Sustain Games Retailers for 20 More Years

MCV writes: Michael Pachter reckons rise of digital distribution won’t claim GameStop scalp for at least another decade

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Ray1862985d ago

That Gamestop will be filing chapter 11 sometime within the next 5 years? Oh, It's because Pachter predicted the opposite.

Vip3r2985d ago

Trading games in can be a con. Anyone ever noticed how certain shops like GAME and HMV have the disk and manual in a counter behind the counter? I know it's for security but they're basically charging full price for second hand games they buy from customers for peanuts.

Makes me glad I traded in my £31 copy of MoH for a £35 gift voucher the other day. All I need to do now is trade it for cash and I get a warm, fuzzy feeling that I'm now the one who just screwed over a huge corporate chain. Granted it was only £4 but still, better that than nothing.

PR_FROM_OHIO2985d ago

I used to work at a gamestop and let me tell you i hated it!!!! gamestop shits on customers on a daily basis with there absurd prices on used games, employee's that dont know shit about games but the worst is letting employees take brand new games home for up to 4 days and then sell that same game with no packaging as new WTF!!!

Merivigian2984d ago

If everything does turn digital distribution.. I won't have a reason to buy games. You pay $60 for a file on your hard drive.. I at least want something in my hand that is tangible, that's why I hate the idea of OnLive, you pay for it.. but can you take it and play it on another console? Can you take it over to your friends house? Can you sell it to a friend? Nope.