Move has 'sold well below expectations' - Pachter

Sony's motion control offering has made a modest start at best, says analyst

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Red_Orange_Juice2985d ago

can I filter Pachter bullshit on n4g somwhow?

longcat2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


Sarcasm2985d ago

lol pedrobear

Good one.

And I don't get it, Pachter has been accused of being wrong all the time including from all the hardcore 360 fans. All of a sudden his words are now gospel to them.

longcat2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I appreciate the fact that he is one of the few people who takes the games industry seriously enough to be an analyst for it.

But i really have to wonder sometimes how much effort he puts in. He clearly does not have good sources for even the most basic information, I criticize in the hope that he becomes better.

Narutone662985d ago

almost always predicts the opposite.

visualb2985d ago

patcher's word > sony's word?

wow...never knew =P

seriously...if you as an "analyst" have a show on

you can NOT be taken seriously...

RedDevils2985d ago

that because he the only person that can make them happy :)

Ju2985d ago

"one of the few people who takes the games industry seriously"

He found a niche where all other "serious analysts" have even less of an idea what's going on than he does. Free ride to cash in for him. That's all this is. I think in any other market if you come up with BS like this all the time, you'd be out of your job in no time. Only in Gaming. (I should put a (tm) there...that's catchy).

Bigpappy2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I see more PS3 fans talking about this than 360 fans. And the 360 fans like "Omega" don't don't even mention him. You guy are becoming paranoid. When there is no hate to lay on M$ you make stuff up to make Sony look like a victim.

Have you stoped to think that just may be he has access to the real numbers? He is a major finacial analyst. Where he is always wrong is in his predictions. I wouldn't be so quick to doubt his knowledge of the actual numbers though.

AAACE52985d ago

I don't think anyone takes Patcher seriously, but then again, he is kinda like VGChartz. People only take that seriously when it says what they want to hear!

Happens all the time...

Fanboy: VGChartz sux, so fake!

VGChartz: Your console sold the most this month!

Fanboy: See, I told you we were on top!

At least be consistant guys...

hot4play2985d ago

I'd rather read about my daily horoscope than this Patcher's "predictions".

Horoscopes can be at least useful.

oldjadedgamer2985d ago


Is Omega right below here talking about numbers? lol

Anon19742985d ago

So how exactly does Pachter know what Sony's expectations for Move were? Did he sit in on those meetings? Did Sony send him a memo saying "Hey Mikey! Just wanted to let you know we're pumped about Move and should sell 3 million in the first month, boy howdy!"

You've got to wonder how he figures it was below expectations. Sony says that Move has "greatly exceeded expectations."

So who do you believe, the company that knows the exact numbers and what their targeted numbers were in the first place or the guy just making predictions based on his own research?

AXEFACE2985d ago

Somehow SONY feels otherwise. Pachter is a tool. The pressrelease

Hideo_Kojima2985d ago

Kevin Butler said Move is doing great in November 2010 over 8 MONTHS AGO!!!

Sashamaz2985d ago

In fact he said quite the opposite, the complete opposite, so either this site is twisting his words or he messed up on one of them.

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hennessey862985d ago

are things expected to sell so fast. With a credit cruch and christmas approaching people dont have the cash spare anymore. I do expect to see an improvement in moves sales just before or just after christmas

2985d ago
Omega42985d ago ShowReplies(10)
yoghurt2985d ago

believe who you want to believe I guess, love the internet.

Zir02985d ago

I think they just had extremely low expectations. You can't be selling less than Microsoft Points and be exceeding good expectations.

Information Minister2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Could you please explain to me the logic of comparing a virtual currency with a controller? I would understand if it was Move vs Kinect or MS Points vs PSN cards, but you are comparing completely different products with different purposes. MS points are used to purchase a variety of goods from the online marketplace, while Move is used for motion gaming alone.

It's as if the president of Toyota went to a board meeting and said "Ok, in 2011 we are going to sell more cars than Coca-Cola will sell drinks". Share holders would be shrugging at the randomness of that statement, as those are completely different businesses.

You just can't underestimate the lengths some fanboys are willing to go in order to find the most logic defying arguments that support their spin on the facts.

Achemki2985d ago

Are people like Zir0 and Omega really comparing sales of a totally optional controller to a mandatory-to-play-online subscription?! Are people on here really that stupid? That's like...a new level of apples and oranges that I haven't seen before. Wow.

GodHandDee2985d ago

because they are the same price range, aimed at the same purpose and so on....

oh wait, that's just BS! nvm then

gillri2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


the difference is one is by Sony and one is by an independent industry analyst,

HUGE difference, I think it pretty common knowledge that Move hasnt sold relatively as well as kinect whether or not that is below expectations is another matter

plus Microsoft they are making more money from each unit sold so even if it has sold less units, revenune will most probably be higher

radphil2985d ago

the same analyst has proven to be wrong on multiple accounts as well.

So who exactly are you going to go for?

Me? Neither one.

Ju2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

With a 500M add campaign? Factored these cost in, too? They must sell way more to recoup those costs.

kerrak2985d ago

"Microsoft they are making more money from each unit sold"

Did you already forgot about the half billion dollars campaign?
If they really sell 5 million kinects it will be 100$ per kinect as a cost.
+ 56$ estimated cost of the parts
Add manufacturing costs, packaging, R&D, shipping, retailers margin, post-sales and others.

Death2985d ago

Don't forget Kinect software sales along with hardware sales from the Kinect bundle. You can probably chock up increased software sales for non-Kinect games to play on the new console sales too. If the new console bundle owners buy a Live subscription it will be more increased revenue.

Having an advertising budget became a bad thing when? It amazes me when people blame advertising for increased sales. Isn't that the point of advertising?


cereal_killa2985d ago

"the difference is one is by Sony and one is by an independent industry analyst"

And who matters the Most Sony or the idiot who gets nothing right hmmmmm tuff one there.

"HUGE difference, I think it pretty common knowledge that Move hasnt sold relatively as well as kinect whether or not that is below expectations is another matter"

And once again SALES=/=Quality please get this through your thick skulls Move has the potential to produce top quality games in all categories shooter/FPS, action adventure, RPG, platform ect, ect but Kinect seems to be only good for a few types that would alow it to work well sorry to say Sony knows what they are doing and cares allot more in the quality of there games.

" plus Microsoft they are making more money from each unit sold so even if it has sold less units, revenune will most probably be higher"

Really!!! I don't recall Sony or M$ ever revealing how much they make on every system sold care to show us some proof on this please.

kerrak2985d ago

Death, you make a good point. I know marketing campaigns have different effects. Some of them are indirect sales, some of them are brand perception which could be good in the long term, some are less sales for competitors, etc. But all this is not easy to weight in.
Microsoft and most companies nowadays need to balance short term budgets, and what i am saying reminds strictly correct. We just don't know exact numbers. But Kinect needs to sell much more than 5 milion to be profitable.

IRetrouk2985d ago

move so far has sold just as much as kinect in us, plus its selling more worldwide, i have 90 odd friends on xbox live, 1 person out of them all has kinect.

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Bordel_19002985d ago

Move has sold more than 2.5 million, so Kinect has not out-sold Move in any way or form.

Bgibbs2985d ago

Just like when the PS3 was "done" after being down 8 million units? Riiiiigghhtt.

gamesaregood2985d ago

The ps3 is dommmmmmeeeeeeedddddd, isnt that right shady.....


Go back under the bridge troll.

Death2985d ago

Going into 2011, Sony is still in third place worldwide in console sales. The dominance they held for over two console generations is definately done. Sony never would have removed the features they have or cut the retail cost of the PS3 in half if they were where they wanted to be.


8thnightvolley2985d ago

i think in this motion war.. kinect is the underdog... was more bashed by u lot and the press... and released 2months after move had a 360-like free headstart.. so watch it fly pass.. like it was not a race.

GodHandDee2985d ago

HR won't outsell Alan Wake
PS3 has no Games
GOW3 sales will fail to impress
post GDC, Move doesn't work well
Ps3 has no games
Move has no gamez

sigh add one more to the list of wishful thinkers

captainjy2984d ago

Move is done and soon. Kinect is rocking!!!!!

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gamesaregood2985d ago

Why does every little thing pachter say get posted as news,am I the only one that is so sick of the pachter says this and pachter says that, when at the end of the day he predictions are about as good as Americans can play cricket. lol