Halo 3 - in shops now?

French retailers get their hands on Halo 3 - but it doesn't look like they're selling them. By the looks of the pair of boasting images, Halo 3 is starting to hit the streets - but at French retail chains (and they're not selling them), so no need to leg it down to your local GAME just yet.

The photos of what appear to be Collector's Edition Halo 3 copies surfaced on the internet over the weekend, alongside one Xbox Live member who was spotted playing the game. They could just be display cases of course, but then they don't usually come in shrink wrapping, do they?

Plus, new screens inside.

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Havince4063d ago

to work in a game shop soon, imagine when they actually come in, the desire to just take one home would be overwhelming


i don't know for how much longer i can contain myself.....

Evil0Angel4063d ago

this is the same old pic that started the rumors which got dunpunked by BUNGI
this is desplay cases only
all the other pictures show the case and meatal box BUT they do not show the content inside it why ? becuse it is empty it is display case

Caxtus7504063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Whilst trailing through my GAME store today i thought of these rumours....GAME do indeed have display cases (the tins) with COMING SOON but they are obviously just tins i think...same with all the other big releases...empty boxes come early to promote.

IKEA for example...all the Tvs in the rooms are empty shells (bet ya didnt know that lol) just to promote the room. SAme kinda thing im guessing :D




Daxx4063d ago

One of my friends who works at a Gamestop up in New York is going to be able to get his copy 5 days earlier, which seems kind of odd because I thought that would be against store policy but he said his manager was fine with it.

The BS Police4062d ago

Stores will not only get fined for selling the game before the streetdate, but Microsoft could sue if a game like Halo 3 gets sold before the ship date.

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The story is too old to be commented.