5 hardest platformers ever

ONM: Donkey Kong Country Returns looks tough, but what are the hardest platformers of all time? ONM lists them...

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Yi-Long2982d ago

... where's Super Meat Boy!?

MaxOpower2982d ago

Yeah, how is that not the number one...

Crotin2982d ago

I remember beating the Lost Levels, that game was hard as hell lol. I wonder how many people died at the very beginning thinking the mushroom was some short of new super mushroom for Mario.

MmaFanQc2982d ago

but I Wanna Be The Guy simply rape EVERYTHING

mandf2982d ago

i can beat Kid Icarus in one guy in a little over 3 hours. Blaster Master is the hardest but Battletoads is hard and cheap. Ninja Gaiden isn't hard either. You have to learn timing and patterns.

Dac2u2982d ago

Nintendo was the king of making games that'll have you breaking stuff in frustration. Blaster Master was another game I could never finish without save states. Great game, with some of the best music for an NES game, but hard as hell.

You're right, Ninja Gaiden really wasn't that bad, I could get to one of the last 2-3 levels right now and I haven't played that game in a few years.

DigitalAnalog2982d ago

1) Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels was the SMB2 in our region. I felt like my nuts were getting kicked over and over again.

Funny they don't mention any 3D platformers because SMB: Sunshine REALLY takes the cake.

-End statement

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pcz2983d ago

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)

Battletoads in battle maniacs (SNES)

BlackTar1872982d ago

TMNT part 1 right with the overhead driving?

Cause that game was a pain in the ass for sure.

pcz2982d ago

Ha yes, the one with the top down 'outer-world' bit.

That swimming section was hardcore. You even so much as scrape a pixel of those electric sea-weeds and you get fried.

And in battletoads... That driving section... Insane!

Dac2u2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

TMNT was pretty brutal, I never completed it without savestates. I did get to a point where I could beat the dam level pretty easily. And in Battletoads, the first driving level isn't that bad once you get it down. The later levels are so much worse and require more precise timing. I love the game, but damn, it was way too hard.

Cevapi882982d ago

those damn TMNT....i was 8 years old and that game pissed me the hello off whenever i got my ass handed to me lol

xxsnowmanxx2982d ago

yea, TMNT for NES was ridiculous... i remember this one part where it's the smallest gap to jump over water... and could never get it.

Have you ever beat the game with Game Genie? I played through thinking to myself, how can anyone possibly get through the technodrome part?!

pcz2982d ago

lol the technodrome??... i was never that talented (or lucky?) to get that far!

Highlife2982d ago

was the only game i have ever taken out of a console and chucked. I put a hole in the wall. Parents weren't happy about that.

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120FPS2982d ago

Creatures on the commodore 64

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