Kinect Gears of War Could Work - And Here's How

Miklós from pontificates about effective implementation of Microsoft's Kinect in Epic's Gears of War franchise.

"Of course, with that rumour-squashing tweet, many questioned IGN’s report. That report, however, said absolutely nothing about Gears of War 3 getting Kinect support, but rather that a Kinect Gears of War project would be announced at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards. The mere mention of Kinect infiltrating Epic’s venerable franchise was enough to start fanboys and girls whinging about how it would have no place in the third-person shooter. They’re probably right. I too find it a little hard to wrap my head around how Epic would integrate the motion-sensing peripheral in a meaningful way rather than a gimmicky one. That negative sentiment, however, is intrinsically linked to Gears of War being a cover-based shooter, but what if it wasn’t a shooter at all?"

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WobblyOnion2988d ago

I want a Kinect enabled Gears of War RTS NOW!

toaster2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

HAHAHAH what?! There aren't enough enemies on screen at a time in ANY Gears game to warrant an RTS. There was that one part on the back of that giant transport thing but it was basically on rails, with 1 person shooting.

There are no epic battles, only close encounters with no more than 15 NPCs + you. Also how will you implement pop-up cover in an RTS game? Isn't that the staple of Gears of War? **OH SHIT I'm getting shot at better hide behind this wall that just came out of nowhere so I can regen my health while shooting blindly wasting my bullets**

Regenerating health FTL.

How am I a troll? I've played both games.

Igneel2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

This is an obvious troll above me.

So what you played both games? That doenst stop you of being a troll.

jwk942988d ago

Regernerating health isnt that bad, and the walls or cover don't just come outta nowhere in Gears, but i feel you on the "not enough enemies on screen" deal.

toaster2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Yeah definitely no convenient chest-high pop-up walls here..

I wonder what would happen to console gamers if there were no more games with regenerating health and cover system, they'd actually have to think before they shoot :3 especially in a *gasp* shooting game!

maxcer2988d ago

@ toaster

you a fuking idiot. i swear the average IQ of posters on this site is decreasing by the day.

its a spinoff like halo wars. now did that game limit itself to what was seen in the main trilogy? no it was a halo themed RTS.

by your logic a KZ2 RTS would have shitty controls and nothing but gray environments.

Calm Down Sunshine2988d ago

I believe Resistance: Fall of man got the regenerating health thing down perfectly.

8-bit2988d ago

"I wonder what would happen to console gamers if there were no more games with regenerating health and cover system, they'd actually have to think before they shoot :3 especially in a *gasp* shooting game!"

Haha yeah, what better way to take realism out of the game?!

hoops2988d ago

Man toaster you just hate ANYTHING MS related huh?
You work for Sony?

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Ilikegames762988d ago

is not a shooter, then it won't be a Gears of War game and it will probably not sell as good as the previous game.

WobblyOnion2988d ago

You're most definitely right - but it sounds like an AWESOME experience.

granthinds2988d ago

Totally! I would NEVER play a gears of war RTS. Such a fail. It's not the IP i'm interested in: It's the gameplay!

granthinds2988d ago

No man! How on earth could it work?! That's bull! Especially with the lag!

WobblyOnion2988d ago

did you play Halo Wars? It might not've been mind blowing, but it was a pretty damn good console RTS. Introduce some streamlined kinect controls, and it'd be a winner!

granthinds2988d ago

Man, Halo Wars was rubbish! There's no ways it could ever match up to the major RTS's of today, especially with Kinect!

Ognipode2988d ago

I loved Halo Reach, it was fun and simple enough to control well on the Xbox 360 as it was tailored to it.

The story and missions were also a lot of fun, so even though it never sold as well as the shooters, it was still a fantastic addition in my books and I ain't no Halo fan.

toaster2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Well I'm a PC gamer first and foremost but I did have an XBox and I did play Halo Wars. It was a very decent game with very decent controls albeit VERY dumbed down and simplified to work on a gamepad. The story is just as you expect it to be and that's my favorite thing about the Halo games. But the highlight was the controls. For what it was, the controls were very streamlined and did NOT feel clunky at all unlike most other console RTS games.

@ Igneel

So being a troll means stating facts now? Did I miss the memo?

WobblyOnion2988d ago

Major RTS' of today? what, like Starcraft 2 which is *exactly the same* as the previous one, only with a shiny graphical update?

A Gears of War RTS sounds like a breath of fresh air!

granthinds2988d ago

What you talking about?! It's the DEFINITIVE RTS. IF they change it, it won't be definitive! It'd be a different genre if it were a 'breath od fresh air".

WobblyOnion2988d ago

@granthinds Would you still consider Wolfenstein 3D to be the definitive FPS? No, games need to grow and evolve - or we'd all still be playing centipede on our Atari 2600's.

Sitris2988d ago

How can people dispute that, I love it, all the true fans love it. All the pros love it, and isn't that what matters? Team liquid obviously loves it, with their recent domination of MLG. I watch more starcraft replays then I do tv now days.

hadlee2988d ago

*strokes ball-chin, removes balls from chin, pops back on*

Cool idea for sure. But would it dilute the franchise?

Mikit07072988d ago

That's a good point, but Halo Wars didn't exactly dilute the FPS Halo; it might have even exposed the Halo universe and canon to players who would have ordinarily chosen an RTS over an FPS.

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