BritXbox: TimeShift: First Impressions

If you'd been keeping on eye on TimeShift early on, you'd know it had a unique steam-punk visual style. That's all gone now, and has been replaced with a more generic post apocalyptic setting. This isn't necessarily a bad thing since the extra development time has seriously boosted the graphics engine.

The environment is grey but it's highly destructible and the rain effects are fantastic. If you pause time you can actually see individual droplets hanging in the air. Time control is the big draw here.

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Havince4066d ago

hated the demo

the powers in it are poo, after dying on the demo where the roof collapses for the 4th time i deleted it in disgust. even using the power told didnt save me

hasnt got a chance against halo 3 or bioshock

ShiftyLookingCow4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

that was the easiest part of the demo.

Mikelarry4065d ago (Edited 4065d ago )

you must have played a different timeshift. yes when you first play the game it looks confusing trying to understand how to use the powers. when i first played it it i was like ah this game gonna be crap i cant understand the controls.i left it for a day and tried it the next and i am sold on this game. give it another try the guy above me and you will love it. i have already preorderd it.

Maddens Raiders4065d ago

that's harsh. I thought this game looked great and will definitely put more time into it. Very stylized game that caught my eye from day one. I think people are just too eager to poo-poo anything these days that truly doesn't deserve it.

HELLFIREV14065d ago

I died a few times and was going to deleate it but then i thought no "no just one more try" so i did. I went through it and now i love it. Cannot stop playing the demo. It looks and sounds amazeing. Havince give it one more go like me.

I know its late in the development but i realy wanted to see some sort of time kills similar to them tequila bombs in stranglehold.