Wii Sells 232,000 in October, Places Third Again

Following the release of the NPD October sales report, IndustryGamers has learned that Nintendo sold just 232,000 units of the Wii console, putting it firmly in third place yet again. The Xbox 360 sold 325,000 units, while Sony's PS3 sold 250,000 units. The Wii sales figure represents a year-over-year decline of 54% while PS3 was down 22% and 360 was up 30%.

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Anton Chigurh2985d ago

"Xbox 360 software sales, on the other hand, were up 44% to $81 million, and PS3 software sales were up $27 million (17%). "

"The Wii sales figure represents a year-over-year decline of 54% while PS3 was down 22% and 360 was up 30%."

mikeslemonade2985d ago

Woohoo go Kinect and Move! Nintendo never deserved to sell this much anyway. Shame on them for tricking the consumer!

Lf_sIcKmAn2985d ago

Nintendo didn't trick anyone... they made a SMART business decision...
And it REAAAAAALLY paid off...

BTW... There would be no move without wii and no kinect without eyetoy...
So shut your trap about the company that SINGLEHANDEDLY revived gaming so long ago...

Even if i dont play wii that much now (GT5 will keep me busy until zelda comes along)
i will always be grateful to nintendo... too many hours of joy to count...

RememberThe3572985d ago

All three consoles off similar experiences now. There is nothing but software that separates the Wii.

Everything that has been said about the Wii is coming true. Now that the playing field is more level it's having a hard time hanging with the HD's.

green2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Dont discount the Wii yet. There are still a lot of things Nintendo can do to rejuvenate sales.

You have to remember that the WII has had only one price cut compared to the 3-4 price cuts that the PS3 or 360 have had. The wii obviously has the greatest profit margin of the 3 consoles so a big price cut will drive sales again.

Secondly, Nintendo can always use the redesign/slim trick that have worked wonders for the 360 and PS3. A redesign coupled with a price cut could do wonders for sales again.

So don't say "The novelty wore off." until your absolutely sure that there is nothing left in the bag for Nintendo to do. And IMO, they still have pulled out the least amount of desperate moves this gen so still got a lot of tricks up their sleeve.

Si-Fly2985d ago

@green ... And this year Nintendo have also given us bugger all apart from Galaxy 2, where are the AAA titles they're famous for? My wii hasn't been turned on in 6 months where as my 360 and PS3 are used weekly if not daily. Anyone wanna buy my wii? It's in top condition, very little wear on the controllers lol!

JoySticksFTW2985d ago

All Nintendo has to do is produce a slim or - in classic Ninty fashion - release them in different bright colors and Wii's selling like crazy again

We've all seen it happen time and time again with Nintendo's hand helds

That said, I don't understand why 360 and PS3 don't release consoles in different colors. Besides the special additions that is.

I'd choose black, but there are people who would eat up that different colors stuff. Seems like easy money.

ct032985d ago

When the Wii came out, HD wasn't as big as it is today. It's starting to matter to casual gamers, especially when PS360 now offer motion controls themselves.

turok2985d ago

DKC Returns and Kirby EY say hi.

Si-Fly2985d ago

@Turok ... Neither, I'm 32 and grew out of games aimed at 10 year old some time ago.


"You have to remember that the WII has had only one price cut"

And who they have to blame but themselves? They repackaged the GameCube for christ's sake, they could had been selling this piece of crap for way less since the release if they wanted, they choose to milk on the uninformed and the cool factor of Wiimote (the only thing worth the upgrade on that thing is the controller, the console is about the same).

Now they are already cornered as many people believe that under the 200 bucks people won't care so much about price but will actually choose what they actually want and the cool factor is now on PS3 and 360, and those actually look good on the now widespread HDTVs, cutting the price now can have little to no effect.

Wii cut the price and they may as well get into PS2 league... Not to reach 150m units sold, but to actually do actual PS2 numbers.

I say what Wii really needs is to stay price competitive (as in a little lower than HD, not go into massive pricecuts and force 360 and PS3 main SKUs under 200) and try to better market and diversify their library. Some exclusives being aimed at adults wouldn't hurt either.

Wii will still probably sell a lot and they definetely had locked the first place in sales this gen (I think they are at around 75m already, pretty impressive) but I don't think they will keep being the number one seller from next year and so on, they had been past in Japan for quite sometime now, US and EU shows every sign of the same happening, good thing for them they had achieved enough of a gap to hold on 'till Wii 2 rolls.

N4g_null2985d ago

So let me guess you all bought black ops if not what did you buy? At this point hd devs want to know since all you buy is exclusive and those same fps over and over.

Oh by the way adult gamers can buy golden eye, metriod(if u like team ninja games), sin and pun, techu is cheap, red steel which actualy was good, Mario 5 wasn't for kids was it?

The other question is why are you guys not pc gamers?

PS3Freak2985d ago


I rented Kirby's epic yarn, but couldnt get into it. I felt like it was reallly targeted at people under the age of 5. It was the most childish video game I have ever played. I miss the days of Kirby's dreamland.

Donkey Kong on the other hand is hopefully going to be a reason to enjoy my wii again. Also, they need to make a new STAR FOX!

Lf_sIcKmAn2985d ago

You seriously think that the fact that the game looks cartoony and is supposedly targeted at five year olds stops it from being a great game?

You should stop gaming then... because you dont deserve it...

BrianB2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

wait so someone should stop gaming because they can't enjoy a game thats not targeted to there demographic ?

LMAO that's like telling a grown 40 year old man to stop watching films because he can't sit through the Carebears Movie,

its like telling a 20 year old metal head to stop listening to music because he doesn't enjoy Justin Bieber.

did it ever occur to you that people have there own tastes and preferences in a game, not everyone likes to play games with little pink 2d blobs swinging yarn around their heads. The ignorance in the Nintendo fanbase is hilarious.

Lf_sIcKmAn2985d ago

I was not refering to HAVING to like it... i was refering to LEAVING IT ASIDE just because of the looks... gameplaywise it could be an awesome game...

That is all.

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Sanitaryconfinement2985d ago

Hey hows the DS doing again guys

DragonKnight2985d ago

How about you take it to a relevant DS article. This one is about the Wii. It's easy to confuse the two though, so I understand your confusion. /s

Lawliet2985d ago

If the Wii is still selling hot, then Americans must have some sort of problems..

Stealth20k2985d ago


They are still first or second closely worldwide so who cares

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