In-Depth: Sony Threatens Microsoft's Non-Gaming Dominance

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at how the PlayStation 3 creator has started to gain ground on Microsoft's array of on-console media content -- the next big battlefield for game consoles.

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Shazz2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

threatens ? psn video store were you can buy and store videos to hdd , netflix,lovefilm,vudu, hulu, vidzone,mlb app , nhl app, mubi, numerous catch up tv services in different european countries with more coming soon says sony have surpassed competition.

XactGamer2985d ago

How can Sony surpass when they are still behind Live in unique users and features?

zeksta2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Really, what features do they have that's so amazing?

How many people here watch ESPN, sure Cross-Game-Chat is a great feature along with Party-Chat, but honestly, what else does it have that's so amazing..?

Shazz2985d ago

what features are sony behind live with m8 enlighten me ? party chat seems as if thats all live has over psn and please dont come back and say facebook,twitter and last fm as all free to use on ps3 browser

Cerberus2985d ago

We'll first you have to start with the HUGE assumption that more features is necessarily better (or worth paying for). Why would I pay to add two more handles on my coffee cup when I can get a cup without a handle for free. Does it make the coffee taste any better?

visualb2985d ago

ooo =O so if you use LIVE you are unique? amazing...I never thought thats what it took to be special...hmmm -___-

xact, you have a point, Live is far more advanced that PSN, however...for a free service with a year less of maturity, its catching up VERY quickly

+ Live will always be a step ahead, it has to. The second its a step behind, the 60 dollars a year will become pointless...

its almost its purpose to always be a step ahead, otherwise it'd be purposeless

Ju2985d ago

How is Live ahead? I don't get it.

AAACE52985d ago

One day you guys will have to tell me what you are argueing about!

Everyone here is pretty set in their ways and like what they like, so I hope by comparing different stuff you don't think you will convert anyone!

I have both consoles so I don't care, but I am just curious to know what you guys are trying to accomplish with the comparisons!

Narutone662985d ago

in a sense that you have to pay to play online.

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Thegamer412985d ago

Also, in the UK, we have BBC iPlayer if it counts :D

GeoramA2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

PS3 has far surpassed the 360 in the "non-gaming" department.

Hell it did when it launched. Blu-ray anyone?

jjmustoe2985d ago

PS3 has far surpassed the 360 in the non-gaming and the gaming departmen

Eu2985d ago

Taking in consideration that MS got into the gaming market to TRY AND STOP Sony from geting into too deep the living room (something Sony did anyway with the PS2's DVDs capabilities), this article is asking for the answer that Sony did already provide with the multimedia device that is the PS3. It simply offers everything X360 does and more, things MS cant or wont provide.

Sony isnt threatening MS, it already kicked its butt alongside that path and people are simply stating the obvious.

cstyle2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Sony have already got their butts kicked by apple in the portable music area.Microsoft is not worried about sony. Its the other way around.

jeanm33062985d ago

Microsoft got their butt handed to them by apple and google, now sony is going to do the same in network wise with competeting against other brand in their own system which might drop down price on video market.

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