Assassins Creed Brotherhood Review: Gamespy

Gamespy: "Every time I mention Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood to my gaming friends, I get the same question: "So, is it a proper sequel, or just an expansion, or what?" At first, I wasn't sure myself. After all, this is a game that unfolds directly after the events of Assassin's Creed II, yet doesn't bear the numbering that denotes a full-fledged sequel. It takes place in 15th century Rome -- not exactly a far cry from the era and locales of the last game. On the surface, then, one might conclude that Brotherhood is an expansion, similar to its predecessor, with a few new features and collectibles to spice things up. As I found out after 25 of this year's most addictive gaming hours, that particular conclusion is far from correct. In fact, not only is Brotherhood a full-fledged sequel to one of 2009's best games, it's actually superior to AC2 in numerous ways."

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