PS3Vault Hardware Review: Sharkoon X-tactic SP Headset

Playing games online is a lot of fun, and it wasn’t long after I got my PS3 that I realized that I would need a headset if I wanted the full experience; so I set out and picked up the first cheap Blue-tooth I could find. Since then I have been through several Blue-tooth devices and never been happy with any of them. The sound quality is poor and they are incredibly uncomfortable around my ear, as well as easy to “misplace”. I could only wear one for about an hour before I had to switch it to the other ear, and I would have to stop frequently to recharge the headset. Then along comes the Sharkoon SP Headset, with its sleek design and large padded earmuffs. Could this USB powered stereo headset get you talking? Read on for the rest of our review.

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