Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Coming on November 16?

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is a high energy racing game that brings the Need For Speed franchise back to its racing/chasing roots. The game allows players to experience a massive open-world game environment from both the perspective of a racer or a cop bent on shutting down racer. Players on both sides have access to a wide range of real, high-performance vehicles, as well as weapons, equipment and power-ups that heighten the excitement of the race and chase. Additional features include: Need For Speed ‘Autolog,’ a powerful in-game social media communication system; 1-8 player online support; and leaderboards.

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jjohan352986d ago

Sorry, it doesn't allow manual transmission and no wheel support. Glad I canceled the pre-order and ordered GT5 instead.

Soldierone2986d ago

Two entirely differnt games, should get both. If not your loss lol

jjohan352985d ago

Not really. Previous NFS games supported wheel, cockpit view, and manual transmission. I'll buy games when they add features, not take away features. I played my friend's Hot Pursuit copy on my 360 and was grossly disappointed by the graphics.

Joni-Ice2986d ago

They different games so getting both was ideal for me.

Soldierone2986d ago

Article is just and advertisment, but this game is awesome! I love it, extremely fun, worth checking out.