Top 10 Worst Video Game Movies

Video game movies: Unanimously, every single one of them is bad, yet there is something special about the following 10. Each one is much more terrible than the last, and they should all be considered some of the most damaging things to human artistry. All of these movies have terrible acting, direction, and writing. So instead of saying that every time, GamerNode decided to just point out the most aggressively bad aspects of the films so as not to repeat the same things over and over

If you're curious at all to experience these movies, don't. Just walk in the other direction and rent yourself the game instead.

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italianbreadman2983d ago

I kinda liked the SMB movie, as weird as it was.

Cloudberry2983d ago

I like it back then, lol.

hay2983d ago

I loved it as a kid too. But that doesn't mean it's good :D

Also, what's first Mortal Kombat doing there? It's one of the best game adaptations... And no Street Fighter? It was fun, bit kinda cheesy.

And where the f*ck is KoF movie? It's the worst game adaptation ever created! (Ray Park was great even though he didn't fit the character)

I hereby declare this list as poor.

JacobIsHollywood2983d ago

I own the Super Mario Bros. movie. It may be ridiculous, but it's fantastic entertainment! Nobody took it seriously. It was just a fun film. I don't get why it's ever on a "bad movie" list.

That's like saying Kung Pow is a terrible martial arts film.

tmurder2983d ago

I remember seeing the SMB movie as a child and being scared of the goombas lol.

italianbreadman2982d ago

I think I may have been a bit disturbed by them, too.

RememberThe3572983d ago

I thought the first Mortal Combat movie was awesome. The second was horrible though. I also liked all of the Resident Evil movies.

Skizelli2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

There is no video game movie as bad as House of the Dead. It's the only movie I've walked out on. Ever. And that's coming from someone who is easily amused. Why is it #10?

Also, Mortal Kombat > Street Fighter (not a biased assessment - don't be fooled by my avatar), which is also absent from the list.

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The story is too old to be commented.