No Kinect voice recognition in New Zealand

Gameplanet: Kinect for Xbox launches in New Zealand tomorrow but will not include voice recognition support as local accents are too hard to understand, says Microsoft.

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Immortal Kaim2985d ago

WTF this has to be a joke right? No voice support for lots of other regions as well, including Australia...

Don't release the piece of sh*t if it can't even accomplish one of its touted features straight out of the box...

RememberThe3572985d ago

I can't blame them, the New Zealand and Australian accents sound a lot different than the American accent.

Good to hear their working on it though. That's the coast of being a smaller market.

Immortal Kaim2985d ago

You can't be serious, you think an Australian accent is hard to understand or interpret? It is pretty disgraceful that the voice recognition aspect won't work at launch. Doesn't that mean half the games won't work properly?

RememberThe3572985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

So it doesn't effect me in any form. I assume they had good reason, maybe voice recognition software isn't as uniform and human hearing.

dale12984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

it doesn,t do most accents including people from,birmingham,london,liverpo ol,newcastle its total crap,its a 500 million cover job to cancel its short coming,who wants a bet its the most returned product after or before xmas.its a novelty product that needs the controller to use hense useless at present.500 miilion for new games now that would be worth it imagine what first party exclusives that would bring

shikamaroooo2984d ago

Funny thing is i went to go buy AC:BH today at a major outlet in australia and i swear people call and there enquiring about kinect when they hear $200 they hang up