Gran Turismo: Improving the Series

Jay writes: "That’s not to say that there aren’t any other improvements they could have implemented to ensure its dominance in the sim racing genre. In fact, there are some racing games that do things better, or have features that would definitely benefit the series, if they were implemented (as well as some features we‘ve never seen)."

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Cevapi882984d ago

i agree for the most part...when it comes to damage, thats something that car manufacturers refuse to budge on...a car cannot in anyway be totaled or not be able to run...thats the agreement that they made with PD

i loved having the ability to add liveries to cars in GT2, tuning in that game was awesome since i was young and was always excited to see how a car would turn out

i hope PD goes back to giving us options at least...something along the lines of Forza would take time i think, but it would only add to the experience, none of his points would hinder the game

nonetheless i cant wait for the 24th to come.....Sunday Cup here I come!!

fanta_claus2984d ago

one can always dream, right? lol. After all, a lot of agreements are timed. GT5 is sure to rake in a lot of money, so maybe having completely totaled cars isn't totally out of the picture, it would just be really, really expensive to license.

Cevapi882984d ago

yeah but licensing all the major car manufacturers around the world seems almost impossible imo

in the end its all about the business side of things, companies want to see the best representation of their product rather than a mangled up car

im sure that if PD were given the choice they would bring us some unparalleled crash physics in a sim just because Yamauchi-San would crave and demand perfection, not getting any sleep until he has a smile on his face when all is said and done

fanta_claus2984d ago

@Cevapi88: well, we'll see what happens. You'd figure they would give Hollywood a harder time destroying cars, since they're actually destroying them lol

Cevapi882984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

hollywood is free advertising though, they still have to acquire the license to show the vehicles on screen but you get my point

Robert Downey Jr driving an R8 in Iron Man puts your brand on a whole new level of recognition

if Iron Man is driving an R8, then so should i :)

the sales of the R8 spiked like crazy after the release of that movie, if games like GT can do something like this, then i could understand car manufacturers be more laxed with what PD is allowed to do

then again a $10 movie is much more appealing than a $60 racing sim if you arent that informed with games and sims

Si-Fly2984d ago

@cervappi ... Where did you read sales of R8s spiked like crazy after ironman 2?! It's laughable how geeks on here make assumptions like that with no proof lol. I guess the demographic for ironman can all afford an R8 yes? Audi were promoting Audi the brand not just that car, muppet.

Cevapi882983d ago

whats laughable is you misspelling my username, then saying i was talking about Iron Man 2 when im talking about the first see the R8 was in the first movie, the v10 spyder was in the 2nd, so dont go around calling people geeks or muppets when you write a comment like that, you didnt do anything to further the conversation

and 2nd i saw a presentation on marketing and hollywood on my college campus that said this, and not everyone can afford an R8, idk where you got that logic, but per-orders for the R8 after the movie rose to roughly 250,000

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RememberThe3572984d ago

Haven't more lively racetracks, more realistic wrecks, liveries, and the exterior changes are more hardware issues than anything else. I'm sure PD want all of these things too but there is only so much you can do on the current generation of consoles. GT5 looks to be one of the most complete games this generation but no game is completely perfect. Most of this suff would make GT a reality simulator and I don't think it's fare to put that on the PS3. I would expect many of these things out of the PS4 though.

fanta_claus2983d ago

that's why I said probably 90% of the stuff I put would probably not be possible this gen, especially if you want it to run at 1080P and 6FPS

Neko_Mega2984d ago

But having custom designs on your car would be cool, that isn't what they makes of GT are all about.

They do more real car detail then what pictures or design you can put on your car, to me it isn't a draw back. A big draw back is when a game is glitch.

That kind of problem turns people away from most games (key word MOST!!).

Masterchef20072984d ago

What is funny is how people love to complain about little itty bitty features and totally forget everything else about the game. Do a Forza 3 vs GT5 comparison and list the features each one of them has that the others doesn't. GT5 will have more features in the end and they are really the features that matter. Plus i dont know what more people want from PD i mean the attention to detail is insane plus you have over 1000 cars to screw around with and over 20 tracks plus realistic physics

Close_Second2984d ago the fact that your car bounces off plastic tape barriers on the side of the course. That has not changed since the days of the PS1.

ryuzu2983d ago

Yeah that is annoying - particularly when Colin McCrae on PS2 had destructible barriers...

Still, that was a dedicated rally game and this has a wider focus.


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