Moogles Find Gold; Final Fantasy XIV Finished on PS3

PlayStation LifeStyle writes,

"Popular Japanese magazine Famitsu has provided a juicy nugget of information this week regarding Final Fantasy XIV. According to the magazine, the PlayStation 3 version of the title has reached gold status. That’s right, the game’s development has hit completion and should be ready for the shelves soon."

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Myst2983d ago

YES! -- wait a minute...what about the beta for it to test and tweak things?

Godmars2902983d ago

What? Its not like they'll use the information.

toaster2983d ago

The PC version's "final release" was the beta. Here's a hint: it sucked.

Rush2983d ago

Yeah FF14 sucked ass stupid Xbox 360 holding the game back.... O wait... Guess it was the PS3 this time.

R0me2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I wonder who actually cares, the game is already dead.

Lifewish2983d ago

uh.. just move along.. no beta here :)

JonnyBigBoss2983d ago

Square Enix has been quoted as saying they don't like public betas and rely on internal testing.

dopeboimagic922983d ago

No beta is for the best. Too many people treat those as demos rather than what they're meant for, which is bug fixing and server stress tests.

t0n3y2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Are you talking public betas or closed betas because MMOs as a rule of thumb require beta tests by the public?

Celeras2983d ago

PC Version is the beta.

Reibooi2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

The PC version was pretty much the Beta.

However there isn't much reason for those players to be angry about that as the game has remained free since launch as things are fixed up and the massive updates in the next few weeks(while the game is still free mind you) will fix 90% of the issues.

So no one really lost anything as if they were to play the game they would have had to buy the game itself at one point or another and seeing as there has been no monthly fees as of yet there isn't really that big of a issues.

Personally having played the game since Beta I would say that the game isn't nearly as broken as people made it out to be. Yes there is alot of stuff that should have been fixed and never made it out of beta but none of it is game breaking or nearly as bad as it is made out to be by the media or fan boys who love to bash SE in general.

People will nit pick every little thing in the game but totally just pass off how great the job system is or the combat system the game has ALOT of great aspects it's just marred by a bit of stuff which is now being fixed and that's always the case for a new MMO.

It's funny as when the game started people where all saying "It's SE nothing will EVER be fixed" now we have crap loads of fixing coming next week. Then the people were saying "It's SE they will make the updates happen just after the free period ends so people have to pay" And then SE adds ANOTHER free month for the sole purpose of letting players see the fixes before they decide if they wanna pay for it.

They are doing alot to help the game but no one seems to care or give them the credit. The amount of stuff they are doing to revamp the game is far more then I have ever seen for a MMO after launch.

JAMurida2983d ago

True but you have to understand, most of people who say "Whatever FFXIV will suck" and "FFXIV is this and that" most likely have never played FFXI nor FFXIV at that. They usually just go off of the reviews and use that as there reference. Basically, I wouldn't take too serious what most people say about the game. The only the I hope with FFXIV is that certain ideas and content come out sooner. For an example, Level sync and Field of Valor. I feel those features should of been introduced way before they were released.

OT: I've been looking around the net to see if there are more articles about the PS3 version coming out sooner and haven't found much on it, so I'll probably just wait for an official announcement.

Omegabalmung2983d ago

Looking forward to it when it comes out. Hopefully they fix the game by then.

BlackBusterCritic2983d ago

Just like everything else Squarenix has pumped out their rectum this generation. Move along people, nothing to see here but a rotting corpse.

kaveti66162983d ago

Relax. Stop comparing the games of this gen with the nostalgic experiences you built up in your mind.

BlackBusterCritic2983d ago

I'm thinking GOOD GAMES. Plain and simple.

toaster2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Well said sir, well said.

I'm pretty sure their iPhone game got better reception than their console games. Which is pretty sad if you think about it...

R0me2983d ago

Just look at SE stock, they are losing everything, they stopped making quality games. I wished Squaresoft would not have done the merger.

Redempteur2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

? hum a SE hater so rare to see them these days ..

WIth their "everything" , "rectum" , "rotting" you'd think they have a a solid opinion ... but looking at the titles released by square ON ds and PSp alone you'd see titles like TWEWY, crisis core or dissidia, or birth by sleep .

oh yeah SE released something called DRAGON QUEST 9 ,4 months ago i recall.

so yeah nothing worthwhile to play from SE this gen /s.

you'll escuse me guys , i'm getting ready to play tactics ogre remake... and then deus ex : human revolution

JonnyBigBoss2983d ago

For the record, I was in the closed beta for two months and own the Collector's Edition. The game has a LOT of issues right now, but the November and December updates look promising. They just gave us an extra free month, so I'll be sure to play once the November update rolls around and let people know what direction the game is going.

If Square Enix can patch the holes in the game, the PS3 release has a shot at being a contender.

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