Blind Video Game Programmer From Puerto Rico Shocks The Industry Live Footage

Live from the Gaming Xplosion 2010 In Puerto Rico, Video Game Programming is amongst the most challenging career in the world and today reveals a man with a serious disability yet is still able to follow his dream.

Puerto Rico is the hidden gem of the gaming industry and this man is living proof. Stevie Wonder once said that he would also love to play games and now it's possible so please enjoy this interview because it's full of greatness.

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George Sears2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Great video. By far one of your best.

The_Devil_Hunter2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Yeah really great vid.

Its so incredible that someone with a disability has done something so amazing thats never been done before. It is just so awesome, I hope I really hope, he gets hired by somebody big, because his work deserves recognition. Really, this is just so amazing. Thanks to people like him it shows us how beautiful life can be.

MerkinMax2985d ago

Like others have said, this is journalism. Great job HHG, make more videos like this and you will have a new viewer.

On a side note, N4G is united for once...*looks for incoming asteroids*

Andronix2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

HHG sometimes you just have fun in your videos. But this is something different and real, a great interview with a brave individual who wants 'independent living.' Honour your promise to get his story and potential out there. Talk to Pachter, talk to Microsoft, talk to Sony, talk to Activision, talk to EA.


Croash2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

This was both interesting and amazing, this man really shows that he will not let his disability prevent him from achieving what he wants to do.
And HHG seemed to be really shocked about all this and so was I, as far as I know this has never been done until now.

Fantastic story.

I do hope that the industry will hear that, who knows what could happen.

FOXDIE2985d ago

wow, gamers united for once :D

xAlmostPro2985d ago

this is great! i really hope HHG talks to some contacts, i know he knows people from santa monica and other big companys..

they could add these techniques to so many major games as an 'option' this guy needs to be hired.

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scar202986d ago

Wow that's fu**ing amazing some one should hire him.

Cevapi882986d ago

watching this man put a smile on my face :)

we need more people like this man in the world

seeing him happy and bringing happiness to others through videogames, this is what the media should be reporting on, rather than saying that all videogames turn kids into violent people

scar202986d ago

Cevapi u deserve a bubble.

Cevapi882986d ago

just goes to show that we should never take things for many of us could smile and still be happy if we knew that we would lose our sight the next day

everything aside, things like this transcend politics, religion, culture and so on, it touches all of us on a human level

id give this man a hug if i could

Nugundam00792985d ago

bless your heart for saying that

Hell-Helghast2986d ago

Goes to show you that people with disablities can also do stuff most us regular guys can.

egm_hiphopgamer2986d ago

This guy is the most amazing person in gaming, his talent exceeds what we thought was possible much love and respect

Quagmire2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

HHG, this is THE BEST Vidicle you have ever done, respect dude.

Such inspiration. I believe this is what gaming is truly about, an enjoyable immersive experience for EVERYONE, all genders, races, ages and disabilities.

EA, Sony, Microsoft, Activision, or whoever else should really use this guys passion for video-games as a driving force to cater to gamers with such disabilities IMO. They really should hire this man so that they can open up a gaming division for blind persons, such is his dream to allow video-games to be played for all, by all of those who love gaming.

Cmon guys, we need to get this to hit 1000degrees!

hoops2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Fantastic Article HHG. By far your best. Kudos. Please do more of these.

This gentlemen is simply inspiring and a great inspiration to anyone wanting to enter in the video game industry. Disability or not, this shows you what desire and hard work and determination can bring forth.
Kudos...I am speechless.
Awesome story. Awesome man.

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