VUDU Comes to the PS3, Adding Another Choice for PSN Members to Experience Media Instantly

PS Blog writes:

"Whew… it’s been an exciting and busy couple of weeks on the PlayStation Network. Last week we shared the news that NHL will begin streaming live games to the PlayStation 3 and that Hulu Plus is now available to all PlayStation Network members and we’re not slowing down! I’m happy to report that beginning next week, VUDU, the HD movie streaming service, will be available to all PS3 users in the United States that are registered to PSN, making it the only gaming console to offer VUDU."

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Pedobear Rocks2989d ago

compete with their own video store? Odd but cool.

ActionBastard2989d ago

It's basically Sony's (well, VUDU's) version of of Zune Instant Streaming. Just another option you don't have to pay Sony to access.

Theoneneo812989d ago

PS3 it does everything :)

jeb692989d ago

VUDU has great HD quality. Wonder if it will let you download HDX format.

YourFlyness2988d ago

" available for instant viewing in HD and HDX 1080p formats with no buffering or downloading, and with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 Surround Sound"

YourFlyness2988d ago

Nothing Wrong with more and more options.