Army Soldier Says: Medal Of Honor Beats Black Ops, Find Out Why Medal Of Honor Is The Realist

Live At The Gaming Xplosion Fest In Puerto Rico, Medal Of Honor and Black Ops are both great games but one delivers more on Hype and Hollywood while another delivers on realism and true life experiences.

One of the US Army Representives happens to be a true hardcore gamer and this interview will surely open your eyes to how great the medal of honor experience really is even when the industry turned their back on this amazing title

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RememberThe3572983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Cuz it's not. Medal of Honor is a much more realistic representation of combat. The explosions are the right size, the soldiers movement it spot on, but mainly it's the missions that make the game much more grounded in reality. Your not asked to stop a nuclear war, or same the entire US from invasion. Your sent out to take out mortars, collect intel, and support regular infantry. It's much more believable than the sensationalism of COD.

I'm not saying one is better than the other, just that one feels more realistic than the other.

Sarcasm2982d ago

Yup I appreciated what they went for in MOH. Sadly, it's hated for not having the same "hollywood" effect that COD has.

imvix2982d ago

Lol both of them are like Arcade shooters when compared to Arma 2.

Downtown boogey2982d ago

More realistic doesn't equal better (except for graphics, sound and physics, I guess)

Sarcasm2982d ago

I didn't say MOH was a war simulator, but it's at the balanced level of being a good military game. At this point, COD isn't a military shooter, it's an arcade shooter with over the top single player campaigns.

And let's face it, people would rather watch a hollywood war movie than watch a documentary war movie. That's why COD sells and "realistic" shooters like Operation flashpoint or Arma doesn't sell as much.

Ju2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Not sure why MoH is "hated". Sure not buy the people playing it. It's easy to get into a game, the games are great fun and there is no trash talking going on (well, until some confused Black Ops guy puts in the wrong disk destroying the games - happened yesterday).

Smoke and particles are just a part of the gameplay where CoD can't compete. Both are arcade, no doubt. I prefer MoH over CoD any day. Clean sweep is quite something. Surprisingly played by enough people despite Black Ops' release.

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r1sh122982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

All in all I agree, I think MOH has way more realism, but Im not a big fan of the multiplayer.
I dont mind playing it, but just for sheer fun/excitement I think COD is a winner for multiplayer.
Black ops has its issues, eg I shoot someone first and they kill me after a crazy number of hit markers. I know why they kill me, Ive done the same to others, the recoil cancels out because when you get shot the gun goes straight up..
Its stupid that the recoil cancels out.
I am considering playing hardcore more often.
I play most gametypes but Core TDM/SnD is getting frustrating because of the hit markers.
Im on the xbox, and was considering buying it for the ps3 also, but lagg issues are holding me up right now.

poopface12982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I think it does, not sure tho.

It is not realistic, no FPS ever will be, SORRY. Untill 1 bullet forces you to crawl or some shit. Calling any game with recharging health "realistic" is probably one of the funniest things about this gen. Its actuall less realistic than halo shields or wolverine, because those games have a reason why it recharges. Ill join the army as soon as they roll out this regeneration tech that I see in every "realistic" war game nowadays.

Arguing what fake ass war game is more realistic does nothing for me, how abut you people.

scar202983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

On one you don't have to deal with little 13 year old brats who say i'm gonna (insert word here)your mom and black ops as of now on the ps3 sucks ass cuz all it is lucky shots cuz of freaking lag i unload a whole clip into someone just for them to turn around and i get shot once and bam i'm dead.So as of now MOH is my game until treyarch steps up thier game.

RememberThe3572982d ago

Black Ops is just a little too unpolished and sensationalized. It's couldn't keep my interest.

scar202982d ago

Yea any minute now were gonna have so many cod players in this article saying that moh sucks trust me my bro is in the army and he plays the hell out of moh. He tried black ops and said this is what so many, people get worked over every year hell he tried to qs and his first shots weren't great then i told him about the dummy session he went to practice for a few matches he then came back and tried online he was qs people left and right and many wer calling him a hacker saying that he had a lagswitch.

pimpmaster2982d ago

wow, really? cod unpolished compared to MOH??? that has got to be the most epic fail ive ever read. MOH is just BF BC2 but with NO damage to buildings, NO vehicles, and the most glitches ive ever seen in a fps game,oh and the MP has 5 maps, cod has 14. look im not saying cod is the best game ever but you saying that MOH is better than cod is just the stupidest thing ive ever heard.

PotatoClock2982d ago

Their opinions pimp, same as what you just said.
Surely you can get your head round that rather than just saying that a game being better than COD is the "stupidest thing ever".
MOH isn't polished as well as it could of been but its not far off the mark considering BO's flaws and is a contender against it.

I found the same thing, BO can't keep me interested. I tried it the other day and it is just as hyped up as any COD with no real substance. I doubt any subsequent CODs will ever match the feeling that MW1 gave, its all downhill from here.

But of course, thats just my opinion.

Downtown boogey2982d ago

The SP is without a doubt better on Black Ops mainly for it's great story (though BC2 is still better any either of them, though not story-wise at all) which is what should matter more as MP has too many variables for it to be evaluated proportionally.

MoH is nothing like BC2...

poopface12982d ago

but both of them are unrealistic as fuck, sorry. Ive never been in the army, but taking cover for 5 seconds doesnt heal getting shot 5 times.

You can call these fake ass FPS games, "realistic" all day, but the truth is if they made a realistic FPS, NOONE would want to play it.

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Shackdaddy8362982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

I felt really good after finishing the campaign... I haven't felt that way about a game in a while. I miss that feeling :(.

Its kinda the same feeling as when I finish a movie that has a super sad ending and it makes me think about it for awhile...

Dipso2982d ago

A headline that reads like its written by an 11 year..ladies and gentlemen here is your host...Hip Hop Gaaaaamer!!

OhReginald2982d ago

This is who hiphopgamer reminds me of....

Neko_Mega2982d ago

Black Ops is fun but Medal Of Honor is alittle bit more fun, plus it isn't pack full of lag users or cheaters.

-_- That is one of the biggest thinks that kills COD for me, I enjoy it, but can't get on a game without someone moving across the map like they jump 1mile. Plus the people that can tell where you are even if you are using ghost.

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