Microsoft: Xbox 360 the Fastest-Selling Console In the U.S. this Year

Microsoft has hailed the sales performance of the Xbox 360 throughout 2010 in the US, noting that it's become the fastest-growing console in that territory, up 34 per cent year-to-date.

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Simon_Brezhnev2988d ago

lol of course it should US is the home territory. I guess next i'll see PS3 fast growing console in Japan for 2010.

SnuggleBandit2988d ago

Hahaha what?? i thought they were the best selling console in the world! At least thats what 360 fans told me...

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2988d ago

Sorry dude buy I don't buy your padded numbers with the shipped=sales BS.

Game-ur2988d ago

Actual install base doesn't seem to be growing, software sales are basically the same for the last 3 years.

I think this maybe for 4 reasons:
-360 is used for playing pirated games
-Replacing broken units
-Slim upgrade
-No big selling new franchises

heroprotagonist2988d ago

Sure, that's why games like Fallout New Vegas and Black Ops continue to sell more on the 360. (Way more, if you are talking about only the US). So you geniouses are right, software sales on the 360 have flatlined. /s

By the way, the Wii which is a Japanese console has been the fastest selling console in the US most of this generation. I guess that blows away your theory about consoles automatically being #1 in sales in their home territories. Nevermind, though, we all know you were just using it as an excuse.

MrMccormo2988d ago

@ heroprotagonist

Remember Microsoft PR reps bragging about "attach rate"? Notice how they never mention it any more? That's because the 360 has the lowest attach rate of all three consoles. Hmmmm, but games are still selling great, right? It's true, but the attach rate calls into question whether all these recorded 360 sales are individual consumers or "re-buyers" replacing their 360.

Neko_Mega2988d ago

No PS2 has, PS2 has been beating Wii in sales and their hasn't been to many games for it.


I think you are right on the dot with that, most of the people I know that own a Xbox 360 want the new Slim model (Mostly because WiFi is build in) or their systems is giving out on them.

I went threw 6 Xbox 360's and haven't had much problem with the new 360 (Kind of wish they build it this good from the start).

AAACE52988d ago

I'm getting tired of seeing every quote someone makes... it gets irritating!

But this is N4G and fanboy battles are more important than good news so have fun guys!

TornRaptor2988d ago

Why people like to bash another console and the owners of those consoles baffles me.
If you have one console and choose to only have that console, good for you.

If you can only afford one console but would desperately love to have another, just because you cant afford more than one doesn't mean you should slander others that can or just chose a different console than you did.

The manufacturers don't need you to defend them nor do they want or ask you to, they are all very big companies with more money than the most of us will see in a life time.

I would love to stab all fanboy's in the neck Assassin's Creed style but I would drown in blood before I finished the cleansing.

visualb2988d ago

this isn't surprising.

unfortunately for them U.S. isn't enough i believe....=|^

lordgodalming2988d ago


You misspelled "genius."

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Igneel2988d ago

Why are you so defensive? It's just numbers. I dont see what PS3 as to do with this.

Shang-Long2988d ago

im really interested to see how this year will play out. next week black friday starts the holiday season. kinect n move are both out. GT5 hits next week and c.o.d is out and that sells more on the 360 so it might increase sells. donkey kong n kirby for the Wii. nothing big hits in december i believe. so its just a sprint to the end of the year.

truth be told i cant wait until Jan 11 . Square has that conference show and we will see FF vs 13!!! and LBP 2!!

Ilikegames762988d ago

the fastest selling console in the world this year. Maybe somebody should write an article about that.

jib2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

what does home territory have to do with anything?

Sony owned the last 2 generation and Nintendo/Sega before that

vhero2988d ago

The problem is the US isn't the only place in the world and alone won't be enough to win them the war against Sony.

King-Leonidas2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Greenburg and Microsoft like to ignore their european fanbase.

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Motorola2988d ago

I cant find any article there.. you gotta sign up? WTF is this? and who put this icon? whoever submitted this is a n00b i swear -__-

shutupandplay2988d ago


The 360 continues to dominate the competition in it`s 5th year, incredible.

BrianG2988d ago

It is doing quite well in the US indeed.

Anon19742988d ago

Focus on the positive, that's Greenberg's job, becasue the reality is the 360 has been hammered worldwide this year.

Of course, if he tried to spin worldwide numbers it would like like this.

Greenberg: "Despite being hammered this year in terms of worldwide sales versus the competition, with the launch of the 360s, a price cut and the launch of our top dog, Halo Reach, we've managed just over a 1% increase year over year! High five! Don't leave me hanging."

The fact is the 360 is far, far behind the PS3 in 2010. Of course Greenberg is going to try to look at the bright side. It's all smoke and mirrors with Greenberg. Look at our great numbers! Worldwide sales figures? What do those matter? We're a runaway train! Ah ha ha ha ha!

Mustang300C20122988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

What are u going on about worldwide. He doesn't speak for the world he works in the U.S and it is about U.S sales so of course typical Greenburg or anyone talking about anything U.S that is NPD duh. Do you have actual worldwide numbers to provide TODAY in a NPD related conversation????

heroprotagonist2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Of course. That's his job, smart guy.

The real question is why do tools like you take what guys like him say so personally?

visualb2988d ago

" He doesn't speak for the world he works in the U.S "

...thus, he works on earth = the world

the "world" still matters...

+ whos the spokesperson for world wide 360 sales? isn't it greenburg?!

seij5552988d ago

Why don't you make like a tree and shut up and play.

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RememberThe3572988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

And with Black Ops being the game that a lot of 360 owners are playing right now, I'm not surprised. Plus, Reach and Fable did really well. The Wii doesn't have much and the PS3 still doesn't have GT5 yet.

Off topic (kind of): I just thought of an analogy for 360 sale verse PS3 sales. 360 game sales are like an explosion and PS3 sales are like a wild fire, they can do the same amount of damage just in different ways.

Oh, OK it thought of that because I was thinking of GT5 in the US. Obviously that was a generalization, but I thought it kind of fit. On the subject of GT5 in the US I think it'll do better than those rough estimates that VGChartz has. I'm already tired of both Medal of Honor and I send Black Ops back to GameFly, I'm so ready for GT5...

I'm curious to see how GT5 with effect the PS3 in the US if at all. The 360 has been going strong with the exclusives this fall and with a solid Kinect launch.

Hellsvacancy2988d ago

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Lavalamp2988d ago

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BeOneWithTheGun2988d ago

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