Gran Turismo 5 Pushed Back to November 26th

According to Sony websites Italy, Germany, Sweden and France, GT5 has been pushed back to November 26th.

Update: Update seems to be affecting almost all of continental Europe at this point. United States and the U.K. still say the 24th of November. Your best checking your regions official PS website for confirmation.

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postofficebuddy4585d ago

Probably distribution issues. It's only a 2 day delay. Still sucks though.

Ilikegames764585d ago

can't keep up with demand. I expect this game to really sell a lot in Europe, that's why the few days delay.

Fulensenca4584d ago

No, it is not a distibution issue. It is that it' s normal for games to be released on Friday in UE. People never go in a shop asking for new games if it is not yet Friday because already know they won' t find new games.

LiquifiedArt4585d ago

I need my GT5 in time for Thanksgiving!

jerethdagryphon4585d ago

uk release day is always a friday unless special reasons

so it makes sense

Fulensenca4584d ago

I don' t understand why people here is so surprised XD I can' t believe it ...

Where they were when the other games came out in Europe?

ian724584d ago

GT5 is a special reason though.

stevenhiggster4584d ago

Still says 24th for UK though and I hope it stays like that! I know its only 2 days and it won't kill me but Wed is my day off and I'm looking forward to it :-D

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