Free Gears of War Hidden Fronts Map Pack Now Available

With nearly 500,000 downloads to date, the Gears of War® Hidden Fronts Map Pack has become the number-one piece of premium downloadable content on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace. Beginning Monday, September 3 at 2:00 A.M. PDT, the Hidden Fronts Map Pack will join the Annex gametype and Multiplayer Map Pack 1 as another piece of free downloadable content for Gears of War.

Gears of War has sold more than four million copies worldwide, and continues to hold the title of most popular Xbox 360 game on Xbox LIVE, as Gears of War recorded the most number of unique players among all Xbox 360 games in August 2007, as well as the highest cumulative number of hours played by Xbox LIVE members.

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ISay4064d ago

sub way was good the other maps not so much, bullet marsh was to dark and garden was just wack the smoke chamber was such a good idea but it wasnt fleshed out, i take that first comment back process was good too.

BloodySinner4064d ago

Bullet Marsh, too dark? Time to get an HDTV, buddy.

Nicosia4064d ago

The wait is over, extra content should be free..we already pay 60 bucks to play the game.

Havince4064d ago

bullet marsh is turd

i liked the other 3 tho

i need more new maps now tho

kamisama4064d ago

where do i go to DL the map pack

cr33ping_death4064d ago

time to go in and own some lost noobs to the maps. lol