Language in Video Games: Often Not Required

Community writer Michael Edwards: Recently, I decided to take up the seemingly daunting task of learning Japanese. In order to facilitate this process, I’ve been trying to limit the amount of English that surrounds me. The very act of writing this right now is somewhat akin to a person on a diet eating a slice of cake. Limiting English at my current job is difficult, but it isn’t a large problem when I'm not working.

When I first assessed this idea, my first concern -- as it always is with any life-changing activities -- was, “How will this effect my gaming habits?” Immediately, I started thinking about what changes I would need make. Should I cancel my GameFly subscription? Should I even bother looking at all those sweet, sweet Gold Box deals that Amazon always has? What about the orders I've already placed? Finally, the most important question I faced was, "Will I ever get to 100% in Super Meat Boy?"

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acronkyoung2985d ago

If blurays become the standard for all systems developers could probably include voice acting, or maybe even whole cutscenes so that lips match up, in multiple languages on the disc. Would we finally have a world free of region exclusive games then? Man, that'd be nice. And actually, I think we get a lot more games over here nowadays that might have been Japan only in the past, though, that's probably because the Internet helps build a possible fanbase even before it's released.

Sadie21002985d ago

I'd rather just turn on the subtitles than listen to any secondary languages thrown on there....

lzim2985d ago

which is difficult to appreciate because understanding the native meaning will ensure you don't lose any of that meaning when some idiotbox in california tries to translate it using google (no dis to californians). Or a professional does it and you end up with several possible meanings that you have to take in all at once without any artistic subtlety.

lzim2985d ago

bluray is old, think BDXL and the demise of playstation 3 so that Sony can deliver a new console generation to properly support it, 3D at high resolution (bigger frame buffer) and possible resolutions above 1080p or native dual screen support (like 1440p and 2160p since there are TVs being made for those resolutions).