Gran Turismo 5 - New Photo Mode Pics

GTPlanet forum reader "RDK" has uploaded 5 more high-res pics of Gran Turismo 5 which were captured directly in-game using the photo mode feature.

More new in-game pics showing the damage modelling can be seen here also:

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ShinMaster2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

So all the stuff from GT5 we've been seeing lately hasn't been from the "FINAL" retail version??
Looks like everyone that has the game so far have the preview versions. Which would explain why scratches aren't as prominent:

Still looks good so far though
Dislodged panels?

PS360PCROCKS2988d ago

weird huh? a lot of speculation going on right now.

Cyrax_872988d ago

^I'm reading it now. I've been through 20 pages and I'm still going lol.

Dee_912988d ago

yea i think rdk said it only goes up level 17 or something so i doubt these are full games

Ilikegames762988d ago

that he unlocked the ending movie at level 17. He finished 4 A-spec races to reach level 17.

visualb2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

lol =P did that last night xD

one of the forum members figured it out:

apparently the disk that was sold to him was a review copy/ incomplete copy, if you see his photos you see the disks "age rating" is different from the cases (one is in grey, the other is in green and has the age "3")

so its believed this disk wasn't the real one (along with many other "leaked ones")

the real disks will only be available 24th/26 and maybe a week before that =)

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mike90772988d ago

wait its not the final version than wat is it? a demo?

Whoooop2988d ago

Interesting to say the least...

Shazz2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Visuals are beyond crazy , psfacking 3 baby all day everyday . Gt5 is gonna be LEGEN.............. Wait for it ....... DARY lol


Porn is not allowed in N4G.

Sarcasm2988d ago

If GT5 is porn, then what's that other series? Toilet pictures?

Masterchef20072988d ago

wow cars look better than the previous racing sim i am impressed

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