Kingdom Hearts 3D Connects to Kingdom Hearts III

Andriasang: Kingdom Hearts 3D is the topic of conversation for Famitsu's latest interview with Tetsuya Nomura. Game Jouhou has a brief summary of the interview, in which Nomura reveals a few bits about the 3DS entry's gameplay and story.

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firefoxprime2989d ago

Now thats what I like to see. Honestly 3DS news on this site are so infrequent that they're are like lil gems. Kudos for you to bring some 3DS news dude. And KH at that :P

Viddharto2988d ago

Dang do I hate the ppl that keep b******g about kh3 and the franchise being scattered and ruined, WHO CARES? You'll get your dang kh3, so shut up.

AWBrawler2988d ago

Wow! some body needs to take their rittlin