Twisted Metal 100+h of gameplay?

David has confirmed somewhere around 100 hours of gameplay to unlock extras/cars for Twisted Metal?

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Balt 2982d ago

After calling all cars I don't have much trust in Jaffe these days. But since going back and playing God of War HD on the network I have to say it's by far and away the most varied and diverse GOW there was. I think it's head and shoulders better than 2 or 3 and there was much more going on. That was Jaffe's crowning moment and he should be proud of that game.

AAACE52981d ago

I was already planning on getting Twisted Metal, but this just secures my future purchase!

clank5432981d ago

I honestly keep forgetting that this comes out next year. There is a just a slew of exclusives for Sony next year.

TheLastGuardian2974d ago

Most anticipated game. I will put 100+ hours into single player and probably like 300+ hours into multiplayer. All other games can suck it when I get into Twisted Metal.

Otheros002982d ago

I wish rpgs this gen have that amount of extra stuff. I'm not talking about all of them but most of them.

blackburn52982d ago

100 hours? Does that mean more TM characters to play with? *crosses finger* Come on Darkside.

unrealgamer582982d ago

It most likely will, I think this game will be similar to warhawk for unlocking all the extra's (paint jobs etc.)

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The story is too old to be commented.