Tomb Raider Reboot Details Emerge from the Depths

Rumors have been circulating that a new Tomb Raider game is in the works for quite a while, especially since the positive release of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Now it looks like someone has let the cat out of the bag, and revealed key details about the new game.

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Balt 2982d ago

I'd laugh if they made her a Black girl from the hood. That'd be the exact polar opposite from a prudish English girl from London. And don't count it out with the way things are going in our world of discombobulated media. They try too hard to reboot something or to give enough reason for a reboot to begin with that they'll do anything.

Quagmire2982d ago

Don't is a contraction of the words "Do" and "Not", thus technically meaning that's 4 words.

I love being an inappropriate troll :)

Bolts2982d ago

WTF are you talking about? Contractions don't count as two words. That's why they're called contractions. Duh.

Genecalypse2982d ago

This sounds great, open world tomb raider, im down

erathaol2982d ago

I'm not as down. When there are things to do, an open world game can really come to life. With Tomb Raider the burden could be a ton of back tracking with no one to interact with.

lzim2982d ago

depends on gameplay.

Lara camping, cooking for herself, surviving could be fun... if done correctly and she chatters to herself (with an optional off button or in context appropriate queues for the player to learn more about her story).

While having any guns at all would sound fishy, especially her trusty infinite ammo pistols. The bow sounds more interesting than having a gun. Tracking animals by foot prints in mud and sounds (using surround sound) finally sounds like a proper visit to a jungle and caves/tombs.

Seraphim2982d ago

could be done... nice points on the camping (again, if I recall originals had tents not quite the same but...) cooking @ a campfire plus medkits, etc, etc. I guess my concern is how you maintain focus in an open world w/o having all that backtracking that feels like extra mileage to tack on extra gameplay hours and becomes more burdensome that fun. Also a big concern is whether or not they actually nail the gameplay. I recently played Legend (PS3) again and wow, archaic mechanics still. Running into invisible walls, jumping the wrong way, instead of climbing up when you hit X she'd jump, etc, etc. I know I had some issues when I originally played the 360 version but WOW!! Iron that junk out of the game it was so Tomb Raider circa 95 & has no place in 2010. Crap give Ubi the franchise and run the Assassins Creed engine for Tomb Raider.

Yeah it definitely has some potential. Open World or Linear I really don't care as long as it's a playable game and classic Tomb Raider adventure I'm down. Of course I'm always up for a good action/adventure game & there's never many to play any given year...

namyrb2982d ago

extremely old? I saw this over a year ago I believe...

lzim2982d ago

yes it is, go have a cookie.

Also it is still not official information regardless of how consistent it has been since we first heard about it. That and we need to see game play to see what kind of quality mark they are aiming for and what kind of environment awaits.

jack_burt0n2982d ago


yeah i like ur idea, about the survival/adventure aspect question is would casual players just be dumb founded by a total mechanics overhaul.

hunting for defence and survival, having to survive the elements, having to explore in order to survive all really interesting openworld gameplay elements.

SkyGamer2982d ago

I know it is a bit off topic, but I've never really commented about your avatar. Man that movie is an all time classic. One of my fave parts was when his, ahem your gun jammed and while you were fiddling to get it working, the rest of the team disposes of the enemy and then you jump out and scream "Yaahh!"

On topic, I hope they do keep with some of the elements that made Tombraider, Tombraider. Of course new things are a must but don't COMPLETELY change it. It is not like DMC, the game is already made by Westerners!

GoldPS32982d ago

I wish ND was making Tomb Raider games. A TR game done like Uncharted would be awesome.

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