Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Map Guide (G4)

"There is certainly no shortage of folks playing Black Ops at the moment, and while that means you won’t be wanting for a full match anytime soon, it also means the competition is pretty stiff out there. So to ensure you have the best chance at survival, we’ve put together the following map walkthroughs that will show you the nooks and crannies, layouts, and preferred attack positions of the various maps that have served, and will continue to serve, as the site of untold number of virtual massacres."

OcelotRigz4699d ago

This (Crisis) and Jungle, two maps i hate the most in Black Ops.


Off-Map Exploration of Black Ops' Kino der Toten Reveals Cut Content And Secrets

The video on Black Ops 1 shows some separate rooms, assets, and other features which exist outside of the boundary of the game.


Black Ops 1 Nuketown versus Cold War Nuketown '84

From DownSights: "Black Ops is not Black Ops without Nuketown. Following the tradition of releasing Nuketown for Black Ops games, the new Black Ops Cold War game also offers a revamped Nuketown called Nuketown '84.

Nuketown '84 has the same dimensions and map layout except for the aesthetics. The map's aesthetics have changed to fit the 80s theme, with destroyed buildings and graffiti-filled walls compared to a clean 50s suburban neighborhood seen in Black Ops 1."


Looking back to 2010 and the excellence of Call of Duty: Black Ops

Jacob writes: "What do we have with the original Call of Duty: Black Ops? Quite simply, one of the best Call of Duty titles of all time."

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