Coolest video game abilities

Go! Gaming Giant- "The greatest differences in video games and real life are the abilities that heroes are able to control. These are the powers that give the heroes an edge and they’ve even found their way into many other video games and they’re now regarded as pop culture gestures."

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TheHip142986d ago

Gotta love that double jump

Murgatroyd72986d ago

Hey, don't forget about the ability to glitch through walls! That one's super useful! Ha ha.

RaymondM2985d ago

haha if only we had that ability in real life. Getting around would be so much easier.
Also, there would be a lot more theft

Cajun Chicken2986d ago

Heh, I never thought about the double jump being physically impossible. Amazing what a game can trick you into.

omicron0092985d ago

how about slow time down or reverse time ala Max Payne or Prince of Persia