Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review - Game Dev Story

CFD!'s Rob Rich takes a look at the surprise iPhone hit:

"It’s safe to say that pretty much everyone who enjoys playing video games has, at one point or another, thought about working in the industry. For many, their dreams have gone unfulfilled due to a lack of experience or ambition, realizing the job they want (game tester) actually sucks, or finding out there’s another job out there that’s even more perfect for them. Fortunately those of us who never made it have Game Dev Story to fill that giant gaping hole in our hearts."

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RobsteinOne2986d ago

Beware the crack addiction that is Game Dev Story!

ShadowPraxis2986d ago

I honestly wish that was a joke. I was up until 10am playing it the first night I downloaded it.

acronkyoung2985d ago

It's cool sounding games like these that make me want an iPhone. Unfortunately I don't have enough money to pay for data plans and such.

ShadowPraxis2985d ago

iPod Touch, sir. That's what I have.

tigresa2985d ago

Kinda glad I don't have access to any i-nothins to play all these addictive games that you all play. +_+! I know it'd kill my productivity - how do you do it!?

SynGamer2985d ago

Ugh, these games waste so much of my time! Nothing gets done when I play these :P

thisdustin2985d ago

Just another reason for me to buy an iPad or iPod Touch... don't tell the wife...

ShadowPraxis2985d ago

Just like we're not telling her about the Kinect sensor too? ;P

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