DamnLag - An Ode to Gaming

DamnLag writer Kyle Conway shares what exactly about videogames he loves the most.

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boogeyman9992987d ago

An entertaining little read.

I was always in it purely for the game mechanics, but to each his own. Maybe that is the difference between game generations. Us older gamers didn't really have much to go on with stories in games. But ever since FFVII and games of that like maybe gamer's tastes are changing.

GamingGuru2987d ago

It's not a generational thing. People like different things, some like story, some like gameplay mechanics.

Simple as that.

LukeWashingTons2987d ago

Gotta say, I really agree with what this column. I just wish more of the industry would recognize this...

MechaZain2987d ago

The beauty of the medium is that story can play a big part or very little at all and games can still work.

giantchicken2987d ago

This was a beautiful ode indeed.

shinydiscopaul2987d ago

Aw, that was sweet. Console-for-Christmas stories always get me.