Still Offended by an Idea in Video Games?

Game Podunker Khorne writes, "The Taliban in Medal of Honor, Cooking Mama vs. PETA, Mass Effect vs. Fox, video games have made headlines and offended many people throughout the years, be it with violent or sexual content or the game touching on a touchy subject people have been offended by video games for years but I have a question to ask: Can you be offended by an idea?"

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Otheros002988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

You kill Nazis in COD. I am offended!!! /s

If having Taliban word in a video game is offending then why is having the word Nazi in a game not offending? COD is also sold in Germany and I think some Germans are offended by it. So, Why wasn't the word Nazi removed in COD if it offended Germans like the word Taliban "offended" some Americans?

There is NO FREEDOM Of SPEECH IN USA. Freedom of speech is a lie!

rdgneoz32986d ago

Having Taliban offended people because its current. No one cares about Nazis or such because it was a while ago. If people want to pretend to be offended, they should say no to all real life counterparts/groups or such in video games, instead of just what concerns them. Else, they're hypocrites.

p.s. Nazis killed a lot more people than the Taliban, but the Nazis are a OK.

Invader_Quirk2986d ago

This isn't an example of freedom of speech being stifled. People have the right to voice their unfounded outrage. "Taliban" wasn't changed to "opposing forces" because of the government; it was changed so the game would sell better. They were free to call them whatever they wanted, but they chose to cave to the complainers so they'd still have good sales.

UP2986d ago

Well said Invader. I am mad that people like to focus on the US when other countries ban and censor games all the time and they are never brought up. The United States have never banned a video game (with exception to the sale of medal of honor on military bases, but the game can be played on military bases just not bought) before.

Xander-RKoS2986d ago

The game was also being banned in other countries for apparently "disrespecting the soldiers" or some crap like that. Military bases were stocking the game, New Zealand was trying to or did ban the game, etc. All because the "bad guy" team was called the Taliban.

UP2986d ago

Disagree: What I said was true the US have never banned a video game for release to the public and other countries have done so multiple time and continue to do so. Look it up if you do not believe me.