Famitsu review scores

Check out the latest scores from this week's Famitsu, which includes the first score for the PS3 exclusive Trinity Zill O’ll Zero.

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Game-ur2984d ago

I want a full review of Trinity Zill O’ll, the game I'm looking forward to the most, one reviewer gave it a 7 another a 9, why is that?

dericb112984d ago

Loved the demo. Found it was coming to the US and really hoping this will be the first good JRPG and also my first JRPG to finish from beginning to end in 4 years.

DaThreats2985d ago

Deserves the Real Driving Simulation test

Nitrowolf22985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Finally a Review, so this is 38/40 right?

saint_john_paul_ii2985d ago

yea. that equates to a 9.5/10.

Valay2985d ago

Sorry, guys. No Famitsu score after all. 2ch was having some fun it seems. Even confused the heck out of a Chinese forum... Anyway, it looks like the score will be in next week's issue.

Myst2984d ago

I must try out Trinity Zill O’ll Zero...

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