Customization in Halo Reach Illuminates the Future of Shooters

Game Podunker DeanOMiite writes, "My relationship with Halo is a little hot and cold, however. I could spend hours talking about everything that’s great about the gameplay. The graphics are great, the music is fantastic (the piano intro in the Halo 3 menus still makes my spine tingle), the action is intense...everything is great, an absolute home run on every front. In general, the online multiplayer experience is an opportunity for shooter franchises to really make a name for themselves and Bungie knows this, as evidenced by Halo’s continued prominence on XBox Live. So don’t confuse my feelings for Halo by thinking that I’m diving into this one personal issue as a way to say I don’t like the games, because nothing is further from the truth. But for all my praise, there was one thing that finally drove me away from Halo 3, and that was the repetitiveness in its matchmaking..."

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gypsygib2986d ago

I know people love it, but I found Reach's MP very boring. I much prefer BFBC2, COD and Killzone.