IGN: Sly Collection Review

I love me some Sly Cooper. He -- along with Ratchet, Clank, Jak, and Daxter -- defined my PS2 experience. Likewise, I love these PS2 collections Sony has been releasing. It's a great way to replay some of my favorite games in better resolution and with the Trophy support I so desperately crave nowadays.

For those of you who missed the thieving raccoon last generation, The Sly Collection packages the trilogy of Sly Cooper games that came out on the PS2.

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Genesis52983d ago

I would much rather play an updated HD version with trophies, than play the PS2 version on my HD TV with B/C.

XANDEO2983d ago

Even though i have a 60gb, im yet to complete a single ps2 game on it, so i agree

gunnerforlife2983d ago

ahhh im so going to get this straight after GT5 :)

TheLastGuardian2983d ago

Sly > Jak or Ratchet. Screw IGN this game is a 10. Best value in forever. It only took me 8 hours to platinum Sly 1 and now I'm 34% through Sly 2. The Sly collection is my 4th favorite game of all time.

Jamegohanssj52983d ago

Who the fuck wouldn't?


despair2983d ago you GT5 CE killing my wallet :(

cemelc2983d ago

Or you can get 2 games instead of one, like me.

Regular edition GT5 && Sly collections. And it still cost me less than CE edition.

despair2983d ago

Not get the GT5 collector edition, blasphemy!!! Nah I'll wait till mid December, will have the funds then, I have no problem waiting a month for the game, I mean GT5 will suck my time anyway.

Nitrowolf22983d ago

I can't believe i didn't try this last Gen, these games are freakn awesome

despair2983d ago

you would be forgiven, the sheer library of excellent games on the PS2 was just so huge its impossible to get to them all.

ATLRoAcH2983d ago

I didn't play these on PS2 and I'm amazed at how awesome and fun these games are. I'm kinda glad they're new to me right now. I'm really enjoying them.

TheLastGuardian2983d ago

I played them when each of them first came out and I'm enjoying them just as much as I did back in the day. I would've missed out on this series too if It weren't for this random guy in walmart who told me I should get Sly 1 when I was picking out a game to get for getting good grades. I'm glad I got to play them on PS2 so I can appreciate how much better the games look now. It's also a real treat getting to have an entire series I have nostalgia for on 1 disc and I get tons of trophies for playing them.

Shazz2983d ago

EXCELLENT , my wallet is getting a raping this month with this , dead nation , gt5 , ac brotherhood and pop collection

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The story is too old to be commented.