Xbox 360 Sells 325,000 in October, Fable III Sells 580,000

Following the just released NPD October sales report, Microsoft has sent word that its Xbox 360 sold 325,000 units for the month, which marks the fifth consecutive month that the console has led sales, the company said.

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Cold 20002985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Damn!! RPG's on the 360 always sell a truck load. Except for FF13 I cant think about a single rpg on the PS3, multi or exclusive, that sells as much or better than rpg's on the 360. Fallout series, Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect series, Fable Series, Dragons Age..

Fable 3 is the best selling exclusive rpg this gen. Great for a console that only sells shooters.

IRetrouk2985d ago

but when a ps3 game sells 580000 its a flop, double standards .

EYEamNUMBER12985d ago

that's because those same ps3 games end up selling said 580k for their life time

IRetrouk2985d ago

most ps3 games do over a mill, same as xbox, only halo, cod and a few other ips have done really amazing this gen, next up gt5.

Unknow_Master2985d ago

i have a ps3 but come on stop whining about games i though that there is a lot exclusive.
wait are you saying they dont sell?

Igneel2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Way to go Iretrouk. you just turned this thread into a Fanboy War for no reason.

Kurt Russell2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

mikeslemonade - the troll scum has crawled out of the cesspit that is his daily life and into N4G has struck again!

Grats mate grats... fucking spotty nerd.

hay2985d ago

@Igneel: Ever tried to read Cold 2000's comment? Or you're the same person?

Rush2985d ago

Sony asked could you stop sending them love letters with your toenail clippings inside.

They respect that your a massively loyal fan but honestly you just creep them the fuck out.

XactGamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

360 owners don't just buy Fallout or COD more they buy 99% of all games more. FPS, TPS, RPG, Action, Racing, Sports, casual, even many JRPG's. So saying 360 owners only buy shooters is false considering they outbuy PS3 gamers in every genre.

360 gamers don't just outbuy PS3 gamers 2 to 1 but some games go as high as 5 to 1. The games on the PS3 that outsold a 360 counterpart can probably be counted using only one hand.

What realy gets me is the excuse you PS3 fanboys use that "360 owners only buy shooters" when 8 of the top 10 games on the PS3 are shooters. Also you same fanboys screaming "shooters" are the same hypocrites that post everything Killzone, UC, SOCOM, MAG or Resistance when they are... you guessed it SHOOTERS.

Igneel2985d ago

Dude , Get a clue I'm not cold. This is the great ''N''

Ju2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Xact...well, maybe the reason is the 360 only has 3 out of 10 people buy there: Halo, CoD and Gears. Any other great (non shooter) game besides those ? And then 2 or 3 good non shooters. PS3's spread is simply bigger. Obviously, those top 5 will sell more then say 15 great games on the PS3. Ever compared total SW sales, not just top 5? PS3 sells more. 360 usually gets a spike whenever they release a big title. 2 or 3 times a year.

BTW: hush, hush vg. Adjust your numbers real quickly...

XactGamer2985d ago

You were saying?



Take note of the RPG's, Sports, Racing and Action games.

Dorwrath2985d ago

Get your links right. It really ain't hard.

Secondly who links to VGChartz. I though you Sony Fanboys said it's misleading and incorrect?

Rush2985d ago

Don't bother giving PS3 fanboys facts and figures they couldn't comprehend them anyway.

They are only interested in what there fellow idiot told them rumors and hear say mean more then facts or figures to fanboys.

MajestieBeast2985d ago

Yeah igneel is natsu and mystogan anyone can see it multi account trolling at its best.

AAACE52985d ago

I wonder if people are finally starting to lose interest in Fable games! I haven't even considered picking up Fable 3 because I bought the first 2 and lost interest in them before I really got into them.

I say this because there was a time when Fable would be able to sell well for a while and now it looks like all of the steam is leaving the franchise!

Time for a new game Lionhead!

Ju2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Xact, read what I said again. Well, I can pull some vg links, too.

Now, look at these recent stats. Without block buster titles for either platform:

I don't think these numbers are reliable at all, but what can you do.

360: 2,256,046 vs
PS3: 2,250,705

These are on par. Exactly what I said, no? A release of Halo, CoD or Fable (or Kinect) obviously will push the 360, so will GT5 for the PS3. But, even those will even out eventually.

I give you the big blockbusters like Halo and Cod will possibly be hard to reach by PS3 exclusives. But I can live with that. Don't want those overhyped games on the PS3.

Anyway, Block Ops launch in Europe:

1. PS3: 1,799,707
2. 360: 1,731,478

This is including Kinect launch, there.

We can maybe take CoD out of the equation and reduce it to Halo and Gears. I'm not a fan of "die hard shooters" (CoD, Fallout...). To many "pubescenting" kids in those games. I think they belong to the 360. I didn't get a PS3 for those in the first place. I would have hoped they stay there. But, well, as long as I can get what I like on the platform of choice, fine with me (but then, I would have wanted something like Enslave as a blockbuster - or at least on a level with UC2. Guess UE3/360 ruined that for me. WTH did they have to go MP. Didn't pay off at all, huh?).

Shadow Flare2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

"360 gamers don't just outbuy PS3 gamers 2 to 1 but some games go as high as 5 to 1. The games on the PS3 that outsold a 360 counterpart can probably be counted using only one hand."

Explain this to me then:

Fiscal 2009 software sales:
PS3 - 115.6m
360 - 103.1m


And ps3 had around a 4 million fewer install base then 360 in 2009. Appears to me that ps3 owners outbuy 360 gamers noticeably

FarEastOrient2985d ago

I was hoping Fable III sold more, at least it's doing better than Alan Wake.

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PixlSheX2985d ago

Yeah. Cold is totally right, all rpg's including eternal sonata, the last remant and tales of vesperia have sold a truck load ON 360. And there isn't any ps3 rpg that sold better than 360's rpgs, not even demons souls, or valkyrie chronicles or FFXIII, disgaea 3, blah blah blah.

Do i need to put the /s ?

TheBlackSmoke2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

He should of just said rpg's with guns.

And lol @ "except FF13" yeah cos that game selling 5 million copies totally blows his whole point out of the water.

wicked2985d ago

That's mainly down to Japan, and Japan don't buy that many games developed in the Western world.

snoopgg2985d ago

I mean what good does it do to worry if a rpg or any game for that matter sells better on one system or the other. I own both, and it really does nothing for me. Just stating since you were so excited to point this out. Now go play some Fable if its that good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

XactGamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Wrong place

BillOreilly2984d ago

Meh i dont care how well they sell im just glad we get so many rpgs. I dnt care what hterz say Fable 3 is excellent. Is there anything like it on ps3?

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JokesOnYou2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

360 has built some major momentum in the US now, my fellow Americans seem to be choosing the xbox brand more and more these days.....making it the most popular console in the US this year.

Shadow Flare2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

PS3 has built some major momentum in the world now, my fellow people seem to be choosing the playstation brand more and more these days.....making it the most popular console in the world this year.

Applegate2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Dammmmmnnn somebody's butthurt and aint even trying to hide it lmao :D

It DOES hurt PS3 fanboys to see the 360 doing well lol. I bet Shadow Flare typed that with one BIG FAT BALL IN THE NECK :)

IRetrouk2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

he may be a bit of a fanboy, like you, but he has a point, overall the ps3 is doing better worldwide, that much is true, xbox doing well is good, hopefully that equals more games cause at the min the only thing on my radar for xbox is gears, and thats not good enough, we need more games for 360, sony can do it so why not micro?

dont just disagree with me, tell me why you do so we can discuss it, nothing i said is fanboi bull, just facts.

Mystogan2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


360 is doing stronger now ''WorldWide''

but yeah i hope a bigger install-base means more exclusive's. we do have a lot of kinect exclusives which seems interesting just looking at the developers.

Phantom Dust.
From Software
Grounding Inc.

Other Great publishers/developers working on unannounced kinect games are:

Activision Blizzard
Square Enix

shadyiswin2985d ago

the smallest of small markets. It can be the best selling overall worldwide but yet constantly be in 3rd place. Answer this why are both consoles over 40 million sold but ps3 games cant stay in the top 10? that rules out the rrod crap because its not like 40 mill consoles sold but the software sales are so so,the software sales are always sky rocketed. Oh i get it people are buying games for there dead consoles too now......Sony needs to get there shit together,like seriously lol.

Wait till you see the sales of gt5,killzone 3,socom 4,lbp2 they will be good but halo/fable/gears of war good. That's not to say they're not good games (which i just don't care for neither shooter will play better than halo or c.o.d,gt5 is impressive but i prefer arcade racing like nfs:hot pursuit) but just wont sell,they have no life and that's why 360 will always dominate there games have legs,people still play gears 1 and halo 3,sony is going to have a tough 2011 despite their "year of exclusives" cause no really gives a shit about there exclusives lol. Their problem is most people bought the console for a blu-ray player,i know i was about to but i elected to get a blu-ray laptop instead. My friend got a ps3,know what games he has? ICO and marvel vs capcom 2 and he plays marvel vs cap 2 over xbox live,that pretty much sums up their software sales for me.

Shadow Flare2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

"Answer this why are both consoles over 40 million sold but ps3 games cant stay in the top 10? that rules out the rrod crap because its not like 40 mill consoles sold but the software sales are so so,the software sales are always sky rocketed. Oh i get it people are buying games for there dead consoles too now......Sony needs to get there shit together,like seriously lol."

In the 2009 fiscal year, ps3 easily outsold 360's software sales


"There’s a well worn saying that software doesn’t sell on the PlayStation 3, at least in comparison to the Xbox 360. However, things may be changing, since there’s been a significant improvement in both the PS3’s software and hardware sales. Despite a lower installed base, software sales on the PS3 have outstripped that of the Xbox 360 in the fiscal-2009 year."

Fiscal 2009 software sales:
PS3 - 115.6m
360 - 103.1m

Sort of makes your entire point, pointless. Sorry about that.

poopface12985d ago

the world is NOT NORTH AMERICA!!!!

Seeing as this is about NPD, your butthurt is showing.

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JokesOnYou2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

but as far as I can tell these US numbers are from NPD=360
mediacreate/Japan=ps3, chart track/UK has favored both from time to time, but more often the limited data leans toward 360, and since the launch of the 360s all signs have pointed to the 360. There is really no independent data for the rest of the world from an established source, leaving us to rely only on PR opportunities from the companies in question, both of which are capable of stuffing the channel overseas where there is the lack of scrutinity of a legitimate "sold to consumer" source. Now maybe I'm wrong, in that case I'd like to see proof/links for your claims sony leads worldwide. Forgive me for not taking your word for it.

Shadow Flare2985d ago

Obviously you didn't see the official fiscal numbers from Sony and Microsoft

Wii - 8.45m
PS3 - 8.1m
360 - 5.8m
PS2 - 4.8m

Official worldwide data for 2010. Sorry about that.

awesomeperson2985d ago

Guys, seriously, we're meant to be playing games, not sales.

I hate how this gen has turned into a pure salefest, people care less and less about the quality just as long as things have teh sales.

I'm not dissing any side here (not aiming it at you JokesonYou really, just people in general).


Bucky Sligo2985d ago

Where on earth do you get those numbers?

Xbox360 shipped 10.3 million consoles FY 2010

lol, and you link to your own comment on another thread?

Shadow Flare2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I linked to my own comment because that's the only way I could find that article. Where did I get that info? Try looking at the source article in that link i provided dumbass. Those numbers are taken directly from Sonys and Microsofts own official worldwide fiscal numbers. If thats not reliable info then I don't know what is

Cyrax_872985d ago

Shadow provided actual fiscal reports from MS/Sony which report sold consoles (to consumers).

You provided a link that clearly uses shipped numbers.

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Ju2985d ago

You know that those numbers are hardly above PS3 sales in the same (its strongest) territory. Way less then "expected" some would say.

Killman2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I am American, and I am sorry, but this country is full of blind idiots. Hell, it really isn't even for this. It is obvious.

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ELite_Ghost2985d ago

fable 3 is pretty fun, it is the first one i'm playing and it's hella fun being a king.

I am one of those 580 000 :P

Pug2985d ago

I think this is less than Fable 2 though? Didn't that sell around 800K in its first month.

Igneel2985d ago

Fable 3 came out on the 26th. It was only out for 5 Days of the Month of october.

8thnightvolley2985d ago

shyt ur right just 5days... omg.. that is wicked 500,000 plus.. now that is mad good expect more numbers..1mill plus in a month.. 360 is on fire.. not bad for a pre dated console

Fishy Fingers2985d ago

Nothing like an NPD thread to bring the N4G community together. :)

beavis4play2985d ago

yea - i can feel the love.

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