Xbox 360 Fallout: New Vegas Outsells PS3 Version 2:1

Sale figures for the month of October are coming in and one of the biggest games of the month was Fall: New Vegas. With sales during the month totaling over 1 million, the game started off the holiday season strong and will likely continue strong for the remainder of the year. Exact sale numbers are being reported for the title and the Xbox 360 version outsold the PS3 version by a margin of 2:1.

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The Matrix2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Fanboy flame war. Go.

Cold 20002983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

RPG festival on the 360 this fall I see with New Vegas and Fable 3 massive success.

@below: best selling game on PS3 = Buggy Glitchy Overhyped Noobfriendly Broken Modern Warfare 2

best selling RPG on PS3 = Buggy Glitchy Fallout 3

Higher standards allright!! Please explain that ? Oh wait of course you wont.

ComboBreaker2983d ago

it's no wonder why PS3 gamers do not want to buy this game. PS3 gamers have higher standards for their games.

OtherWhiteMeat2983d ago

So why aren't you playing one of those games now? And instead of playing games you should learn how to's "alright".

MajestieBeast2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Funny how you call fallout 3 buggy when fable 3 and vegas arent much better in that department. Fable 3 even has a game breaking glitch. Best selling 360 game also mw2, when you try to act superior atleast do some research because right now you just look like a dumbass.

Anorexorcist2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Trying to stand tall and creaming their pants while talking of multiplatform titles.

To affirm ComboBreaker's comment, Fallout 3 was in no way the best selling RPG on PS3. Demon's Souls and FFXIII sold more on Playstation 3. I sure as hell didn't buy Fallout 3, nor the Orange Box, because of the piss-poor jobs done on them.

wat6342983d ago

We've got a ton of multiplats, the reason you guys have so many exclusives is because at first noone wanted to develop for it, so Sony went and bought everything they could put their greasy hands on.

Jaces2983d ago

best selling game on Xbox360 = Buggy Glitchy Overhyped Noobfriendly Broken Modern Warfare 2

best selling RPG on Xbox360 = Buggy Glitchy Fallout 3

Now please, just go away troll.

Ducky2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I think you're just repeating his argument. (even if he did articulate it in a pro-360 tone)
It's that neither console has "higher standards", it's the same brainless shenanigans that dominate sales at either ends.

...atleast I hope that was his argument. He couldn't have been oblivious to the other side of the coin... right? =x

raztad2983d ago

Fallout 3 is not the best selling RPG on PS3 cold. FFXIII is.

Bethesda wont get my moneys for a broken game.

BillOreilly2983d ago

Well the 360 is THE RPG KING this gen. This year alone we got Mass Effect 2, Risen, Divinity 2, The Dragon Knight Saga, Fable 3, Arcania, Resonance of Fate, Fallout New Vegas, FF13 it was a great year for rpg gamers. Add all that to the relesed rpgs availible Fable 1/2, Dragon Age, Mass Effect 1, Jade Empire, Kotor 1/2, Lost Odyssey, Blue Dragon, Magna Carta 2, Enchanted Arms, Eternal Sonata, Too Human, Sacred 2, the Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, Tales of Vesperia, Falout 3, Two Worlds, Oblivian all the strategy games we have i mean im soooo happy with all the games to play. Next year will be epic for rpg fans also.

rdgneoz32983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


When saying the 360 is RPG King, don't list multiplats that people can still play without needing a 360. Sure they may be great, but you're listing them like you can only play it on the 360. Also, Too Human does not mix with "360 is THE RPG KING this gen", nor does the Two Worlds...

nycredude2983d ago


Look at all the MS muppets in her! Check the source fools it's NPD! What the ratio of xbox 360s to Ps3s in the Americas? It's not hard to reason why this is the case. Once again MS muppets thinks the USA is the entire world.

Seriously EVERYONE just needs to stop with this sales shit. No one cares. I didn't buy Fallouts NV cause I bought Sly Collection, Castlevania, The Fight lights Out and Enslaved. Put over 70 hours into Fallout 3 and that was enough for me.

ALso waiting for my collectors edition of GT5!!!

jarrod19812983d ago

its kind of weird to see so many 360 fans on ts site since usually its over run by sony trolls. kind of a nice change of pace since usually there cannot be any good news for xbox.

Game-ur2983d ago

Ratio of 360 gamers who buy buggy games outnumber PS3 counterparts 2:1

somerandomdude2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Being a PS3 owner I'd rather wait for a game of the year edition of New Vegas since I'll be missing out on dlc (more timed exclusive dlc for Microsoft)

I like Bethesda, but I really wish that they would finish making their games before they released them. More bugs, and a unfinished main story on release day for a game that could have been very good otherwise.

Viper72983d ago

Fallout3 is not even nearly as buggy as New Vegas, its actually the most stable game launched by Bethesda up to date (The vanilla version that is, the DLC pretty much brokes the game (constant freezing, low fps etc))

Fallout New vegas in the other hand is great game but seriously unfinished product, the amount of freezing in the game is pathetic and should be reflected in reviews much more than it has.

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naruto girl2983d ago

I dont know why people are surprised, PS3 games have never sold as well as the big third party multiplats of 360. It was Sony strategy to spend huge amounts of money making great first party games to boost PS3 sales.

cereal_killa2983d ago

Could one of you 360 Muppets please let me know what you spend all the money M$ pays you for every Sale you love to gloat about. I mean if I had all that money I wouldn't be on here 24/7 trolling every flame bait article like a pathetic child.

Plus don't you Muppet's have anything to play all these people buying Kinect, COD, ACBH, FONV, blah blah blah and yet your all here.

poet2152983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

My co-workers & I have plenty of free time while at work some days. These days, there is a 360 in the break room. At night (2nd shift) is when mostly everyone is under 30 & they play that 360 religiously. Yesterday, someone was bashing PS3, saying how there are no games on it. I'm like, wow.....dudes are still saying that? And if you were on NG4 summer 2007, you'll remember how Bloodmask, Mart, Bladestar & many others were trashing PS3 so much. why do folks hate a machine so passionately? I swear, I'm very intrigued by 360....had a core unit on launch day in 05, but sold it in a matter of hours due to it freezing up several times & my lack of an HDTV at that time. I plan on getting another 1 in the future, just waiting for the price to drop some more. On another note, I know plenty of people that switched over to PS3 from 360. I'm starting to believe the stereotypes of how older gamers who generally have better paying jobs & younger ones with nice jobs have no problem buying & supporting PS3. I can't even count the people who are too cheap &/or immature to pay for PS3. the ones who enjoy their chipped up 360 for which they buy pirated games for......let alone, those that replace it numerous times whether banned for piracy or hardware failures....I still have xbox 1 & enjoy Kotor 1 & 2, jade empire etc.....I just don't remember this war being this deep & nasty last's almost enough to make me not buy anymore consoles after this gen....between all the dumb stuff: timed exclusivity, timed dlc, dlc that's announced before the game is even released, devs claiming each version has to be equal...? be for real....selling us have done games, & then dlc us to death....just to release a goty version 12-18 months later....the hobby, I grew up on is almost not even fun anymore....everything centering around multiplayer....I'm just now getting around to Uncharted 2, I have to buy an additional multiplayer pack from Psn in order to play bs in my opinion...I won't even mention that ultimate shady store think many gamers are completely blinded by microsoft. They are really doing more to hurt this hobby than helping right now, the bribes & money being tossed around is bad business in the long run....just setting the table for us consumers to get screwed over more in the future.....Sony aren't angels either....but if I had to pick my poison, I'm choosing Sony

BARF2982d ago

why is any xbox supporter a "muppet" or "sheep" for supporting xbox, but when the ps3 fanboys do the exact same thing, they are considered high quality gamers?????

the ps3 kids on this site have a serious inferiority complex. even with the positive xbox comments in here, none of them have positive agree to disagree ratio. it seems like the muppets and sheep are on the ps3 side too.

8thnightvolley2983d ago

and ps3 caught up wit 360 in sales accordin to its fans so what spin this time?...

GrandTheftZamboni2983d ago

There are other games than this one?


so I guess this means I cant play my PS3 version anymore because it sold more on Xbox huh. Oh thats right it doesnt matter but here it does for some reason!

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NecrumSlavery2983d ago

Well what do you expect when Bethesda game the PS3 loyalists a nice big "F-U" right before release?

The-Tentacle2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Wow a shooter selling well on the toy box, shocker /s

Also this is based on NPD numbers, which you know all the 'bro-gamers' love.




RROD? No problem this is America just throw your old xbox on a pile of burning tyres and buy a new one! Excess! I'm important because I can afford to waste stuff.


MMFGaming2983d ago

Fallout isn't exactly a bro-gamer game. In fact, any game that actually requires reading isn't exactly bro-tastic. You feel me, brah?

kancerkid2983d ago

I am sick of the stupid argument that Xbox only sells shooters.

Look at what everyone is waiting for on PS3: Killzone 3, Resistance 3, and Uncharted 3, all shooters in some capacity and will sell the most. Such a bad, unthoughtful argument, really.

LilMissGoddess2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

its called hypocrisy, its all the sony fanboys do on n4g is be hypocrites.

go into any killzone 3 thread and they act like that's the ONLY SHOOTER on ps3 and they praise it like the 2nd coming, but then will go into all the other threads, especially when reach had threads on here, and say "its teh shooterz box"

really funny actually. the best selling games/most played games on the ps3 are SHOOTERS AS WELL, but they will deny FACTS and keep living in their "delusion land".

hmm looks like i got a sony fanboy stalker, 2 disagrees total on my posts, and not one REPLY, that's the sony fanboy way!

Beefstew4u2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

It's true that shooters are the highest selling games on both consoles, but ps3 typically offers more 1st party variety than the 360. Heavy Rain, Demon's Souls, GT5, Little Big Planet, and Motorstorm off the top of my head.

Forza and Fable are the only good non-shooter first party titles I can think of on 360.

SaberEdge2983d ago

You list Heavy Rain and Demon's Souls for the PS3, but fail to list games like Alan Wake or Lost Odyssey for the 360. Smells like bias to me.

Beefstew4u2983d ago

You forget the main gameplay mechanics in Alan Wake involve shooting. If you count that as not being a shooter, then something like Ratchet and Clank could be counted for ps3 as well since a big part of the game is platforming.

And like I said in my previous comment, those games were 'off the top of my head' and 'all i can think of' in the 30 seconds it took me to type that. If you want more exclusive on ps3 you could also add White Knight Chronicles, Folklore, and of course God of War 3.

The days of ps3 not having any exclusives are long gone. In fact, the role has been reversed. Ps3 has so many more (good) exclusives than the 360 now, and with much more variety. The 360 exclusive games library is essentially limited to the ones we listed, along with Halo, Gears, L4D, and Crackdown (7). While ps3, in addition to the games I listed has Killzone, Uncharted, Resistance, Infamous, Valkyria Chronicles, MAG, and Warhawk (15).
Now, as with my other comment, these lists are just off the top of my head and not at all extensive. But I think we can all agree that these are the biggest exclusives across both of the platforms. And as we can see, ps3 clearly has more.

madjedi2983d ago

@Lilmissgoddess - already sounds like a winner -_- .

Yeah vs the 360 fanboys are angelic, open-minded, and respectful individuals, here is a reality check mr or mrs dumbass, the hypocritical sony fanboys are the same as hypocritical 360 fanboys, just routing for a different team.

Need proof look up cold2000 comment history, but your a 360 fanboy/girl why would you bother, think before throwing the term hypocrite around like that.

@kancerkid well when most of the top selling games on the 360 are shooters, and when a game like alan wake trys to be different, more than a shooter.

And it receives lukewarm sales despite getting critical acclaim, and might be considered a failure for not meeting or exceeding "insert game" sales numbers depending on which 360 n4g sales expert you consult on n4g.

And ms doesn't have the 1st party support to be making games as fast as sonys 1st party studio's can. With the exception fable and forza, and halo wars all current 360 exclusive series are shooter based, were as the ps3 has demons souls, lbp, modnation racers, gt, infamous and the r and c series with shooting elements, so you can see why the 360 is labeled the shooter console mistakenly or not by some by some.

Fnv and fallout 3, is about as much a real rpg as borderlands was, they are fun as hell but light on the rpg and heavy on the shooting.

Viper72983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )


Not really, pretty much all dialog has voice acting and you can just skip the dialog and follow the quest pointer.
Also most quests can be solved by blowing peoples heads off so reading is pretty much optional.

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xXxSeTTriPxXx2983d ago

wtf is a bro gamer, can you elaborate on that a little?..

Bigpappy2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I have a better understanding after spending a few years on N4G. I see why Xbox is hated on so much here. There is a strong group of hateful Europeans on this sight. I know that not all share their views, but the hate is not just for 360 having better numbers than the Japanese consoles in the US, it is that they hate Americans in general.

I have no idea why you would hate a country full of people. I don't know any American who hates Europeans, most of us descend from there. Americans in general don't even hate Arab. Maybe it is because America is made up of people form all over the world.

Oh well. I am not going to preach to you because I don't know or care about your religious affiliation. But what I would leave with you is this. If you kill me, it is just a matter of time before you join me. It doesn't matter how white or black or in between you are, our your f'ing religion. You and I are going to die and go to dirt. Nothing after that is guarantied.

kanetheking2983d ago

this is the most random shit I have ever read.

yog-sothot2982d ago

Playing Fallout New Vegas as a shooter... It is like playing God of War as a platformer.

New vegas is a RPG ! And a great one !

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NYC_Gamer2983d ago

i'm not buying this game until its cheaper/bug free

OtherWhiteMeat2983d ago

It might get cheaper but it will never be bug free....Bethesda still haven't fixed the last one.

reckoner2983d ago

aren't really that bad in New Vegas. Yeah, there's a few here and there, but none so far that have ruined the experience for me.

madjedi2983d ago

Id call a bug that locks my system up, so i have to do a hard reset, broken enough.

DaThreats2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

People are waiting for Gt5
and why are you still making the 360 the lead version, do you want to get less out of the power from consoles to try to make the best game possible?

Was talking about consoles
And developors would rather go cheap, than work harder and get the best results possible out of their game, devs are developing on the wrong platform first

Ducky2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

If they were worried about making the best games, they'd be working with PCs.

As it stands, it's all about the money. By making 360 the lead platform, it's easier to port over the stuff to PS3.
Thus, they can easily make a multiplat and rack sales in the process, that's how the story goes.

Edit: It's easier to develop for the 360 (or atleast, thats what I keep hearing) making it a much less painless process to make the game. Porting is porting no matter which direction you travel, but when the system your porting to is more powerful, it allows for more room to be sloppy.
The devs aren't "idiots", they're trying to be cleaver (but yea, they're lazy, who isn't?)

TheBlackSmoke2983d ago

If they wanted to make no money, they'd be working with PCs.


Its just pure laziness on the devs part, but hey Fallout NV aint exactly pretty on any platform.

n to the b2983d ago

"Fallout NV aint exactly pretty on any platform." that's an understatement. but what else did we expect from Obsidian?

Gawdl3y2983d ago

You're crazy.
Developing for PC is cheaper, due to the fact that it is the most widely available platform, and the most familiar to developers.
Selling games on PC is cheaper, because you don't have to screw with the whole publisher part of the industry usually.
It's cheaper, because royalties aren't paid (except in small amounts) to publishers.

TheBlackSmoke2983d ago

I think you miss the point entirely.

Unless you are Valve or Blizzard, your not making any money making games for PC.

"Developing for PC is cheaper, due to the fact that it is the most widely available platform, and the most familiar to developers.
Selling games on PC is cheaper, because you don't have to screw with the whole publisher part of the industry usually.
It's cheaper, because royalties aren't paid (except in small amounts) to publishers."

You forgot to add that PC gamers are cheaper because they pirate every single player game and buy one multiplayer game and expect it to be updated for 5 years.

Lets remember Call of duty black ops sales, PC and wii combined make up just 3% of the total.
Any publisher who wants to make money should be making games for consoles.

Ducky2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I think you might've missed the point as well.

I know there is not much money to be made on the PC, I accept that. I even pointed that out. You didn't have to 'fix' anything.

The discussion right now is what the lead platform should be (or rather, why 360 is picked). I merely said that if they wanted to create the 'best' games, they'd use a PC as lead to take advantage of all the capabilities and then port them onto the consoles. However, the consoles aren't capable of what the PC can do, so porting would become difficult.

Now, if it was developed for the PS3, you'd have similar problems porting it to the 360 as some trimming would have to be done.

If the 360 is picked however, then you get the least painful method of doing things. Anything you make is more or less guaranteed to run on the other hardware, thus you get a broader range of sales.

There's a difference between being lazy and being efficient. True, some ports are lazily done, but that doesn't mean that the 360-pathway is a lazy one.

Also, most "PC Gamers" buy their games. It's the kids who happen to own a PC that pirate. We do however, expect long-term support for products... but this is a different subject.

rdgneoz32983d ago


"By making 360 the lead platform, it's easier to port over the stuff to PS3."
Not says all the multiplat games on the PS3 that have had bad ports. It may be harder to make a game on the PS3 as the lead, but the porting is easy as hell. A ton of lazy developers have had sh!tty ports with the 360 as lead.

TheBlackSmoke2983d ago

You have contradicted your own point, If it was made with PC as lead platform then it wouldn't work on what would be the point, if everything would have to be downgraded and shoehorned in to work on 360/PS3?, how does that make for better multiplats?

No, the answer is simple, a lot of devs are already doing it, lead on the PS3 with 360's limitations in mind then port to 360 and everyone's happy.

Even then most sane people know that most multiplats are pretty neglible in differences anyway, if I ever need to pause my game, zoom in 100X, and run my framerate counting machine then maybe it would matter more to get the 360 versions.

BTW, I know we have exchanged on a few articles over PC gaming, Just letting you know I respect your opinion and being mature about it but I wholeheartedly have to disagree.

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