#1 COD: Black Ops Multiplayer Secret Revealed

Call of Duty: Black Ops has swept the globe and millions are trying to unlock the secrets to success. While many will try to climb the mountain to the top, few will rise to the occasion.

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yarbie10002894d ago

A great tip for sure...Super nice guide with tons of info

frostypants2894d ago

Take your spam elsewhere.

Brewski0072894d ago

DAMN YOU N4G Degrees !!
This will surely get lots of clicks and be pushed to the front page , but is nothing more than spam!
Stupid misleading title!!

gamingdroid2893d ago

This already appeared on this site, so please stop spamming it with a different title.

Razmossis2893d ago

Not only is your headline a full blown lie, what you talk about in the video isn't a secret, it's glaringly obvious.. I've been doing it for the past 5 days

xxxAnubisxxx2894d ago

I never knew you could do that... nice find

DarkTower8052894d ago

It is a nice find, I didn't know about it till this article. What I found really odd when I was looking at videos of top players on the LB, is that they have a high kdr and great stats, but suck at just about every game they play. So I don't know if the stats are buggy, or if they hacked the LB somehow.

TheLastGuardian2893d ago

Well, looking at you submissions it looks like you work for Battlestrats so of course you would say that about your own submission.

SpinalRemains1382894d ago

Learn how to vote against the other 8 Nuketown votes every fucking round!

SpinalRemains1382893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

If you're insane, yeah.

If you are a real COD fan, Nuketown is trash.

itsralf2893d ago

Nuketown is good in small doses. It's still bigger than most of the MW2 maps, anyway.

ilikestuff2894d ago

nuketown? more like puketown! kidding itd be alot better if they fixed the gawd damn spawning

Trizard2894d ago

This stuff get passed and approved?

RyuCloudStrife2894d ago

i don't need to see what other people are up-to, i don't need to mimic anybody, if i suck, and i cant aim, if i don't have the reflexes to play the game then i suck... but sadly for you ILL KILL YOU in the blink of an eye


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The story is too old to be commented.