KINECTaku Review: Sonic Free Riders (Xbox 360 / Kinect)

Quoting KINECTaku's James Newton:

"Sonic Free Riders is the third entry in the hoverboarding offshoot of the hedgehog franchise, following on last generation’s Sonic Riders and follow-up Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity for Wii, both of which were poorly received by the gaming press and public alike. This latest iteration is revolutionary in that it ditches the controller completely, but can Kinect really bring air boarding to life?"

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8-bit2984d ago

lol the damb site is called and they gave it a 4/10!

eggbert2984d ago

just like MOVEmodo is Move focused. Just because it has the product in the title doesn't mean that they give every title a high score. the PS/360 sites give low scores all the time.

SSIDEUP2984d ago

Expect this game to be anything short of horrible?

On the whole, the launch lineup for Kinect is lackluster at best. Out of the two games I've managed to pickup, only one of them was enjoyable.

The rest, that I rented, were garbage.

mcstorm2984d ago

I picked this game up for Kinect as well as kinect sports Dance Central Joyride and Kinectimals.

I play this game alot with as it offers something different to the other Kinect games and I think it works very well and shows what Kinect can do in a speedy game with a twist of Mario Kart like items.

I dont see the problems at turning in the game the only thing I think that should of been left out of the game is the swimming part. It just seems pointless to me but apart from that I enjoy the game quite alot.

VenomProject2984d ago

Wasn't expecting this game to warrant bigger numbers to be honest.

Sonic airboarding game as a launch title for a motion peripheral?

Recipe for disaster.

Harouls2984d ago

I did not expect this!!!!!!!111111 I thought Kinect games were gonna be successful!!!!!!!!111111111111 1111