Major Nelson shares October NPD 360 numbers, 360 the best-selling console in 2010

Major Nelson has revealed the Xbox 360 hardware NPD numbers for October.

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gamingdroid2989d ago

At first it sounded low, but then I looked at last year's number and PS3 sold 320k with a price drop and a redesign. Xbox 360 sold 325k.

Not to shabby after all!

I'm curios to how Sony and Nintendo did....

Lightsaber2989d ago

I dont think sony will be sharing thier number they went through a lot of trouble to have the NDP to stop posting them

Mahr2989d ago

"I dont think sony will be sharing thier number"

This is probably true.

"they went through a lot of trouble to have the NDP to stop posting them"

This is not.

Hopefully Pachter will do like he did last month and publish an article with all the hardware numbers.

gamingdroid2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Of course Nintendo bested everyone last year with a staggering 500k+ sales!

KingME2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

nm (wrong line, sorry)

OneSneakyMofo2989d ago

Methinks Major Nelson needs to take a few geography classes.

doa7662989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

in other news PS2 is still best selling console of Africa

worldwide the best selling is the Wii, followed by the PS3

the 360 is dead last, where it deserves to be for dumping its hardcore base in favor of infants and housewives

gapecanpie2989d ago

Can I see some links to prove what you are saying is true?

Sackdude2989d ago

Not World wide.

How can you call 360 best selling console 2010 when the other consoles are outselling it world wide.

gapecanpie2989d ago

Any links to prove this?

Achemki2989d ago

Both Sony & MS released fiscal 2010 reports recently that were copy & pasted here just the other month. Google it people. It gets tiring posting "proof" every single time. http://www.playstationunive...

gapecanpie2988d ago

That prove nothing, I say that because for all we know the 360 could have easily sold a extra 4 million worldwide since then. Without current sale data for this present day, that link is pretty much irrelevant well at least to me anyway.

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Anon19742988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

@ gapecanpie. Or current sales data could have it selling 43 consoles since then. We don't know, that's why the official numbers are the only relevant ones. Don't be obtuse.

According to official data, even with the 360's price cut and launch of Halo Reach and the 360s, the Xbox was only managing roughly 100k over last year. The PS3 has outsold it by 2.3 million so far in the calendar year of 2010. These were the facts as of Sept 30th of this year.

What's killing me about this whole line of thinking is that for months, 360 fans were looking at VGChartz and NPD numbers and crowing "The 360 is dominating! Nothing can slow it down! The 360S is jumping off the shelves! The PS3 is nowhere to be seen!"

Then official numbers came out and even after the 360 launched the slim, launched Halo and cut the price they got beat for the quarter, badly. Now the same thing is happening. "Look at the NPD numbers! The 360 probably sold 4 million since then! It's unstoppable!"

No, it's not. The PS3 has been eaten the 360's lunch head 2 head since it became available. It's outsold the 360 by roughly six million consoles after that first Christmas it was only available in Japan and North America - 2.3 million the first 9 months of this year alone.

Talk about sales all you want - but at least take the time to research the actual data, and be realistic. The 360 has been outsold for so long - it's not going to suddenly reverse that trend overnight because it now has a new camera attachment which is selling similarly to Sony's motion control offering. I don't care which side of the console fence you sit on - try to stick to the facts.

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gapecanpie2989d ago

Again... Ms is killing it.

Christopher2988d ago

The _only_ thing I hate about these articles is they make generalized statements when it only applies to the U.S.

I'm not sure the 360 is the best selling this year, but they definitely are a strong contender. U.S.-wise, they've been the best seller for two years, IIRC.

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im gonna get an xbox to see what you xbox gamers are babbling about,i have a ps3 n im lovin it,but i want to see what xbox is about

@NewsForMe..guess im not getin an xbox anymore,il us use the money to pay off nex years ps3 exclusives

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