WiiSpeak to be Discontinued

According to an listing, Nintendo has discontinued their WiiSpeak perhipheral.

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Shok2985d ago

Nintendo also told Treyarch and High Voltage not to put WiiSpeak support in Black Ops and Conduit 2. Maybe they want everybody to use that new headset? Or WiiSpeak could just not be selling much.

SactoGamer2985d ago

I never really enjoyed using that glorifies speakerphone anyhow.

piesmasher2985d ago

this is nintendos legacy: toss a bunch of shit out there and never support it. anybody use their balance board lately?

Xander-RKoS2985d ago

I think it was just nobody was using it. I mean, Nintendo wasn't exactly making tons of wifi games to utilize it, but third parties were at least trying. The Conduit and Monster Hunter Tri both use it, but no one ever had it on. Heck, even in Animal Crossing no one had it on.

Personally I never saw the appeal of socializing with a bunch of random strangers over the internet. Practically no game out there requires communications to enjoy the basic levels, and for those who want it, there is skype. Heck, I used skype for Monster Hunter.

Samus HD2985d ago

I do - I use balance board every day (it's a good thing to help your boddy )

2985d ago
Nihilism2985d ago

The little kid who bought the Wii I traded in for Fallout 3, Farcry 2 and Red Alert 3 will be devastated at this news.

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The story is too old to be commented.