PSN!: Gran Turismo 5 rally gameplay from final version

24 of November is coming faster and faster.

Check out this new amazing gameplay featuring a rally race!

See it below ;)

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mike90772988d ago

its amazing how much better the sounds are they are a huge leap from the previous gt's.

PirateThom2988d ago


There's been constant complaints from the core fanbase about minor aspects of the series. Sounds, reverse lights, horns and skidmarks all make their GT debut and for some people, myself included, these are bigger deals than damage.

Hideo_Kojima2988d ago

0:20-0:25 I think I orgasmed

ryuzu2988d ago

I think the damage will be there man - there's some controversy now about some of the vids "leaked" over the last day or so because the users involved have found their copies of the game include error dialogs when they access certain functions...

The error doesn't imply a lack of online access so there's a feeling those were either preview copies or misprints.

Either way, next week all will be revealed :)


Narutone662988d ago

makes this game so realistic. It's hard for a non gamer, even for the average gamer, to tell if this is real or not.

clank5432987d ago

If it was up to me, I would rather have no damage in the game. I don't want my car to look bad when I cross the finish line! Anyways, this game is really looking great and we get it here in the U.S. in 6 days. 6 DAYS!!!!!

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aceitman2988d ago

grass blades at 26 secs sweet how some of the little things they do can make u say ooooohhhhhh

raztad2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Trees SHADOWS on the volumetric dust cloud. Someone has to be kidding me. Again it can be seen in 1:05.

Zeevious2988d ago

INCREDIBLE graphic detail!

I'd like to see some directly recorded footage to catch every detail. The efforts of Polyphony Digital look amazing!

- - - - -

Seven days!

cvflyboy2988d ago

Just got off gt planet and I have confirmation from the guy who been putting up pics and videos of GT5, and it looks like he doesn't have the the final copy of the game!!! so all the damage and and leaked game play is not from the final build... I REPEAT NOT FROM THE FINAL RETAIL BUILD... So all you you fake journalist talking mess of GT5 and XBOTS.... all your opinions are based on a preview copy of GT5.... He only got yo level 17 and was shown the the end credits.... GT1 isn't even that short... FOLLOW THE LINK, read and continue to the next page (his name is RDK)

49erguy2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

@ cvflyboy. YES. Its seems that way. I noticed that as well.

maxcer2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

@ cvflybo

lol sounds like your on damage control.. i dunno what for tho

dronde2987d ago

GTPlanet member Numer0bis got his hands on an early copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue


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Gawny2988d ago

Only 1 week, only 1 week...

jellybalboa2988d ago

8 days man, stop reminding me,
av took my holidays from work
i am sending my wife to her mums
i am waiting for my racer seat from ebay
i hav just got delivery for the steering wheel and pedals
GT5 will and better be here on launch day from
if any of you think this is sad well f*** you! i deserve this. WE DESERVE THIS!

Gawny2988d ago

In my country 7 days already :)

Necrosis2988d ago

I think it's gonna be the greatest game of all time!

Hidalgo2988d ago

I thought you were more of Call of Duty Black Ops :p

C L O U D2988d ago

It's a good thing you didn't interrupt anyone

Necrosis2988d ago

Mmmm yeah, but Gt5 is Gt5 hahahaha

2988d ago
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