IGN: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Review

"Pac-Man Championship Edition DX boasts simple, addictive gameplay that will have you competing for high scores on the leaderboards for months. Everything that made the first game a hit is still here, accompanied by a bunch of new mazes, modes, and ghosts -- all for $10. It's hard to imagine a more perfect Xbox Live Arcade game. This is a master class in game design: you will understand it instantly, enjoy it instantly, and want to play again and again."

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Brian52472982d ago

I'm sure it's fantastic...but 10 fantastic? Really?

lightningsax2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

This is the question of the decade, isn't it? Are review scores from an outlet supposed to measure how good a game is compared to another game in a completely different field with a completely different production budget with a different price, or should they measure how well the game does what it sets out to do?

I agree with the latter, especially in the case of an arcade-style game with a $10 tag and awesome production values for the price, and Hatfield apparently agrees as well. Also, keep in mind that they're now on a .5 scale, not a .1. Any comparisons to the .1 days are moot.

Zones2982d ago

For some games, they are way too harsh, but sometimes they become way too generous, like for this one.

They should be more consistent if they don't want to distort their reputation.