PCN Review: Black Ops Stacks Up to Modern Warfare

So what happens when you let Infinity Ward sprinkle a little magic dust on a franchise? Well you get the absolute best selling franchise in the world. This year the torch was handed to the team at Treyarch yet again, and questions were aroused at whether or not they can live up to Modern Warfare 2. With a problematic World At War title, I had doubts myself, but when the game finally arrived, these doubts were addressed.

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xYLeinen2988d ago

Black Ops suck and I regret getting this game.

gaffyh2988d ago

I wouldn't say it sucks, but it isn't as good as Modern Warfare imo. It's single player is slightly underwhelming, because the story is not told well, but the multiplayer is ok, if a little slow at times.

CaptainKratos2988d ago

i like this game better than MW2 and enjoy it the same way i enjoyed cod4. and in my doesn't suck.

xYLeinen2987d ago

Well. I might have gone overboard with the term "suck".

It's very bad in my eyes. I bought this game because MW2 had fun moments and I thought Treyarch would give me a game which worked. I was wrong.

The spawn system is rubish. 80% of the time I spend my time worrying about getting killed from behind, RC car, or a claymore. The rest 20% I worry about getting killed by other killstreaks.

I thought this game wouldn't be as based on killstreaks as MW2, but again I was wrong.

Simply I don't I've grown away from this arcade playstyle and I will never be fooled of picking up a CoD titles ever again. It's just how I feel tho. I'm aware that 10+ mill disagrees with me.

JeffGUNZ2987d ago

I respect your opinion but I completely disagree. MW2 was a huge let down for me. I did play it ALOT, but was not nearly impressed as I was with COD4. I feel like Black Ops saved this series for me. They removed ridiculous perks, they balanced the online, and the weapons are much more balanced then MW2. I have so much fun shooting my weapon and having someone shoot a weapon back at me. Typically, in MW2, it was noob-tube galore on ANY objective game type where you had to plant a bomb. Further, the knifing was out of control and a bunch of morons running around no scoping got irritating quickly as well. I really don't see ANY of that in this game and that is excellent. I do understand the spawn system is flawed, but you got to believe that will be addressed in the first patch. The killstreaks are not really that out of hand. I mean the RC car is a pain, but then again it's more fair then the predator missle. I do however think the RC should be a 4 or 5 killstreak. Overall, the game is much more competitive and much more thrilling then WaW and MW2.

SpinalRemains1382987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

I don't know why everyone sucks Infinity Ward's dick. Their games are noob fests, heavily unbalanced and just ridiculous. When a game has "death perks", it's the first sign that something is radically wrong.

Treyarch makes a crappy PS3 version, but a better all around game. They have the understanding of a fundamentally balanced multiplayer. Infinity Ward is hung up on these ludicrous perks that turn your player into fucking Rambo. If that isn;t bad enough, when you're playing an Infinity Ward game, the sky is filled with planes and bombs 75 percent of the round. They seriously need to realize that the series is a FPS not a fucking chopper, plane game.