10.0 Review - Deadnation PS3

Deadnation has been announced for release on November 30th for the US and December 1st for Europe. We have ran it through its paces, and gave it our best shot. Does it live up to the hype, or is it just lamely walking dead?

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The Wood2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

looks like a must buy. wish it had a 3 player co op but thats me being a nit picky little b!tch. 2 will do

ftwrthtx2985d ago

3 player co-op would be awesome, but only if the game would increase the zombie count to make it a little harder

gaden_malak2985d ago

So does this game have online co-op with randoms?

ftwrthtx2985d ago

It's looking like it's by player invite and not just random joins. Maybe they'll add that in the future, but since you both have to be at a certain point in the campaign, maybe that's limited.

frankymv2985d ago

must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ThanatosDMC2985d ago

Damn, how come they have it all ready... I want it!

Shazz2985d ago

psn games really set a high standard , awesome

raztad2985d ago

HouseMarque is an incredible developer.

They got SSHD running at 3D @720p60fps or 2D @1080p60fps

ftwrthtx2985d ago

HouseMarque is arguably the BEST psn developer right now.

Shadow Flare2985d ago

I wouldn't deny that but I'd have to put Q Games up there with their pixeljunk series. I simply love their games

KiRBY30002985d ago

thatgamecompany and their upcoming Journey title should be mentionned too. great indie devs.

masterofpwnage2985d ago

Dude this game been on my radar sins it was showed.
I need a ps3 again, looks so dope

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