Gran Turismo 5 release to be year's "biggest PS3 game"

The upcoming release of Gran Turismo 5 will be the biggest selling PlayStation 3 title of the year surpassing the likes of Call of Duty: Black Ops and FIFA 11, new reports suggest.

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MeatPopsicle3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

5 million copies of the GT5 demo sold.

Gran Turismo 10.85 million copies sold
Gran Turismo 2 9.37 million copies sold
Gran Turismo 3 14.89 million copies sold
Gran Turismo 4 11.06 million copies sold
Gran Turismo PSP 2.96 million copies sold

Without a doubt.

saint_john_paul_ii3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

GT series has always been a guarranteed 10 million seller. it has its fanbase. no matter what the reviews say, its going to do those numbers.

iPad3765d ago

5 million without counting the PSN downloads.

Crazyglues3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

GT5p sold nearly 4 million copies -

Laughing at the title of this story... LoL
Gran Turismo 5 release to be year's "biggest PS3 game"



HammockGames3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Was there ever any doubt?

There have been some awesome games this year, but this one is friggin' gargantuan.

Tons of racing fans have been waiting for this game. Hell - a lot of them bought a PS3 just for this game (or have been waiting to buy a PS3 until it is released).

Action GO FIGURE3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Pre-ordered my Collector's Edition. Pretty stoked. :)

Thank you November for raping my wallet.

CernaML3765d ago

Holy sh*t... Even the PSP version sold that much? Gran Turismo 5 will definitely dominate the racing genre and the PS3's install base should sky rocket.

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Balt 3765d ago

What else did Sony really have this year? I don't think, as a whole, this entire year was that good for gaming. In fact, it was one of the weakest years I've ever seen.

Heavy Rain and God of War 3 were really all Sony had this year. They came early too. I wasn't impressed with God of War 3 and Heavy Rain I went into wanting to hate but ultimately liked it in the end. I'm since playing back thru it with Move but it's not as good the second time around.

MeatPopsicle3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Sony's PS3 2010:

Killzone 2 - doh,2009
White Knight Chronicles
Yakuza 3
ModNation Racers
Heavy Rain
3D Dot Game Heroes
God of War 3

Troll harder.


If you're going to troll PS3 stories at least put some effort into your posts. Make them funny or at least interesting. Pretending to be the disenchanted fan of the system who isn't impressed with anything is as old a console fanboyism itself.

Balt 3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

Killzone 2 came out in 2010? Sucks for you, I was playing it in Feb of 2009. & who's trolling? I own a Ps3 and every game you just listed damn near. I'm just being honest. You're the one with sad in the pants issues. & just because you like those games doesn't mean I do or did. When I say they really didn't have anything I mean they really didn't have anything for "ME". The one that matters in this equation.

Lionhead3765d ago

lol Bad troll is TERRIBLE

despair3765d ago

I wouldn't say Sony had no titles but there were some big names like LBP2,SOCOM4 and DC Universe Online(for me anyway) that got delayed to next year so it was a slim year for Sony, but the first half had quite a few big titles though.

Next year though is insane with the sheer number of quality titles matching or even beating back 2009 listings on all platforms though Sony seems to have the advantage in exclusives.

HDgamer3765d ago

I really wonder what the 360 had exclusive this year, oh reach for the sky.

thor3765d ago

Yeah Sony's year has been slim but it would have been really great if LBP2 released this year. Would have made the year for me.

NegativeCreepWA3764d ago

lol. did you just accuse sitlab of trolling a PS3 thread. Hes one of the biggest 360 haters on this site.

For once I agree with him, this year has disappointing for games all around compared to the last three years. Theirs been some great games this year, but this time last year and the year before I was having to pick and choose games to buy.

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raztad3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I think GoW3 was super amazing (best Boss fights in any game I've played) but it came too early in the year and then there was some sort of exclusive AAA titles vacuum.

I mean Triple A games were MAG, HR, Yakuza 3 and GoW3 all of them tightly packed in a 3 months timeframe.

WKC was a year old game, that essentially flopped, Mod Nation Racers was good but no hyped and 3D dot is a niche game. With LBP2 delayed, GT5 is the big title for this year. Well, actually GT5 is the BIG title on PS3 PERIOD. It should greatly help Sony to sell a lot of PS3s.

Prcko3765d ago

54,07 million gran turismo games sold + new one coming out for few days,so that's gonna be more then 60 million gran turismo copies sold!

MeatPopsicle3765d ago

Incredible. An absolute monster of a franchise.

No surprise the Sony haters out there are running around screaming in panic like a nuclear bomb is just about to drop on them.

piesmasher3765d ago

in europe maybe, in america it'll have all the impact of a wet noodle.

FlatulentGhost3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

"in europe maybe, in america it'll have all the impact of a wet noodle."


GT Sales Totals Worldwide And Regional:

GT 3 did 7.1 million in the US alone
GT 4 did 3 million in the US alone

3765d ago
jony_dols3764d ago

@piesmasher: Haha, I think FlatulentGhost justed proved you wrong. GT3's 7.1 million in America alone, thats damn impressive!

Piesmasher's previous comments are 'the sony fangirls will be tearing through the kleenex and lube over this article...'

'most of sony's 2011 line-up will become sony's 2012 line-up. just look at this past year.

you'll get 2010s games in '11 and 2011's games in '12. that's how sony works.'


Haha its funny reading through your posts. I actually pity you. Seriously, the highlight of his days seem to be trolling PS3 articles .What a sad,socially retarded loser you must be.

Btw I think you'll be needing the kleenex, when you're crying into your pillow because you can't play GT5.

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psman0123765d ago

Well OF COURSE this is the years biggest PS3 game, haha

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