Xbox 360 Cooling Mod Using Air Conditioner

If while gaming, your Xbox 360 gets seriously hot and you are worried that the ‘red ring of death’ may pay you a visit. You could try cooling your Xbox 360 system using this igneous cooling device using an air conditioning unit and length of tube.

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jc485732988d ago

waste of energy and it may ruin your console.

ssj2gohan832988d ago

I can see where you are coming from with the possibility of condensation forming , but as long as the cool air is dry. No additional harm will come out it.

imvix2988d ago

Well condensation will always be a risk. Not to mention a console should never have such failure rates as seen with the Xbox.

Now if that was a PC in question i would be with the idea since enthusiast PC users are always looking to get that extra bit of performance out of their PCs. Using an air conditioner on my system is something i have been thinking about for some time now. The waste of power is what has been holding me back.

JRobes2988d ago

the only time you will get condensation is when saturated hot air is cooled enough to reach the air's condensation point. For this mod you are putting cold air into a hot environment thus the air is not being cooled but instead heated. The hotter the air, the more moisture it can hold. The biggest problem here is if your xbox is hot and then you apply a cooling load to it... rapid cooling/heating is not good for components.

AAACE52988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

That doesn't make sense! That side vent is where the warm air exits the console. Why would you force cold air in there? Just stupid I guess!

This dumb sh*t will be on the news talking about his 360 set his house on fire for no reason!

8-bit2988d ago

This should never even be an issue.. There SHOULD be no reason to have to hook up this kind of contraption. Too bad people DO have reason to think up things like this.

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MAJ0R2988d ago

I thought my PC was the only thing in need of aftermarket cooling XD

Kurt Russell2988d ago

Seems a little excessive to me. The costs of running will surly amount to the cost of a new console?

yeracnivek712988d ago

...methinks there could be a problem whilst gaming in the dead of winter. :o

KillerPwned2988d ago

The 360 still needs cooling mods? Seriously after the slim their should be no need for this.

SuperSaiyan42988d ago

However if you look at the pic the person is using the Elite console not the new S. However the S still puts out quite a bit heat my previous latest version Elite was cool but the S isnt in terms of heat output.

Halochampian2987d ago

Outputting heat is good. Keeping heat inside.... not so good.

Moentjers2987d ago

must be an incredible powerfull cpu that it needs an airco.

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