Captain America: Super Soldier - HG preview

HookedGamers writes: "It seems just about every major superhero gets his spotlight these days with only a handful of exceptions. Arguably the most notable of exceptions is the Sentinel of Liberty himself, Captain America. With comic book characters going through a bit of a cinematic renaissance, it was only a matter of time until Captain America got his own movie during this golden age. Come July 2011, it will become a reality for millions of fans everywhere. But what almost always accompanies a comic book movie? Its video game counterpart, of course, and Canadian developer Next Level Games has stepped in to create Captain America: Super Soldier."

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Yi-Long2984d ago

... considering Punch-Out and Friend or Foe were good/decent...

I love the concept-art btw. I wish they'd release more.

js7262983d ago

Saw it at NYCC. Looks pretty awesome. Think Batman: Arkham Asylum, with less jumping during combat, and more platforming.

Like I said, looks awesome.