The Future of Bizarre Creations, or Why You Shouldn't Listen to Twitter

Earlier this afternoon, mini-blogging and rumor-fanning site Twitter blew a freaking gasket over the supposed shutting down of Project Gotham Racing and James Bond 007: Blood Stone creators Bizarre Creations. The Liverpool studio was said to have been axed by Activision mere hours ago, with the news originating from a statement on Giant Bomb that the studio will be subject to a "90-day consultation period, statutory redundancy."

How this translates to the studio being shut down, necessarily, is beyond me.

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athmaus2984d ago

Very interesting article, good read thanks!

RogueCheddar2984d ago

love me some office space.

oldjadedgamer2984d ago

It's a shame anytime a studio closes. Less games being developed for all of us to enjoy.

EVO-OM3GA2984d ago

Really sad news hope they get bought by a good company

Killer62984d ago

Yea great, nice link to nowhere....