10 Percent Of Men Choose Games Over Sex, Are You One Of Them?

A recent online survey by a UK tabloid polled male gamers, asking them if they would place gaming up above sex in their order of preference. 1 in 10 men admitted to choose games over sex with their partners.

Also, gaming has resulted in relationship break-ups amongst 5 percent of men. What do you think of this report? Are you one of them?

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Convas2986d ago

LOL, that's the question. I know that for me personally, booty trumps the controller every time.

If your woman is practically throwing herself at you for a good lovin' and you'd rather get another few hundred XP from COD, then you REALLY are a nerd.

Mystogan2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

No way even nerd's would go for sex, you must be either gay or have no penis

See thats 10% of men:
8% are gay
2% have no penis


I guess it has to do with sex appeal.
If my GF was ugly then yeah i'd prefer to go with games.

Sex only get's old when your not good at it...

Gue12986d ago

or a virgin if you're that desperate for sex.

Sex gets old fast if you're always with the same partner, it is easier to change games than find a new girl.

captain-obvious2986d ago

"Are You One Of Them?"


Christopher2986d ago

I see a lot of unmarried people responding. Sex is good, but it's not always the right answer.

gamingdroid2986d ago

I guess the second question they should ask to separate them apart is, do you consider your girlfriend attractive?

Believe it or not, a significant portion of people don't think so! Ouch!!!

RBlaze2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Anyone who has the choice (ie, their gf is all over them), surely picks sex!

Like, surely!! If the choice is sex or games, then sex is the first choice (same partner or not as far as I'm concerned!)..

However, if the 10% includes the whole setup of sex, then maybe...
You know, those times that your girlfriend is there with you, and you're just playing a game. And you sorta think 'Well, if I stop this game, there is a chance that my gf might wanna get jiggy... But she might not'. Incluse those times... The times we don't wanna take the risk (lol)... And I think you'd have your 10%.. Maybe more!

EDIT: Actually, it has happened to me before! When I decided against taking the risk. I believe it was the day Elder Scrolls: Oblivion came out! No... Really...

Ocelot5252986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

sex is for retarded cavemen, games are next-gen

but seriously tough, surveys show that there is a negative correlation between intelligence and sex rate.

Other studies in my country showed that 1/3 are still virgin on their 24th birthday, and 40% of that 1/3 were higher educated.

I think that smarter can control their instincts better.

MisterAV2986d ago

i'm one of them, I prefer games, sex games, with real people of course, not 3d models

HolyOrangeCows2986d ago

I'll take the games....they usually last longer than 5 minutes.


HxCGamer2986d ago

i strongly agreeeeeeeeeeeeee

and Mystogan, it has nothing to do with appearance, sex just gets boring if you have it all the time with the same person.

I will chose games over sex with my gf sometimes, depends how into the game i am.

Sayai jin2986d ago

@Gue1 - Hmmmm, you say sex gets old fast if your with the same partner. Could be true if their is inexperience involved, but if each person knows how to handle their business it does not get old. Too many things that can be done. Also, having less partners lowers your risk of blowing fire from one's ...... or even worse.

On topic, I think they meant it the other way around. Who did they poll, what age group. This just does not add up. These people sex life must be terrible.

Sayai jin2986d ago

Ocelot525 @ When you are talking about smarts...are you talking about book smarts or common since smarts. Will power has nothing to do with intelligence and if so intelligence can be measured on so many scales. Polls are only as good as the data/people used.

Lightsaber2986d ago

it depend on who it was wanting the sex. if she was ugly or fat yeah i'd keep on gaming


Are we talking about straight business or foreplay required?

The first case is always a NO, sex over games.

The second case can be YES, I'm with stupid, if I'm feeling lazy... The game won't be half as good but also won't annoy me one hour in order to get 5 minutes of fun.


BkaY2986d ago

i prefer real over virtual booty....

"If your woman is practically throwing herself at you for a good lovin' and you'd rather get another few hundred XP from COD, then you REALLY are a nerd." <---------- and this


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Unknow_Master2986d ago

i use sex over game
and since a dont have a girlfriend or a game foor it well i masturbate!
i should have chose the 360

gamesmaster2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

if your girlfriend comes over while you're playing a game and starts feeling you up, then drop that sweaty pad and hop on the good foot.

if its "hey honey can you cook me a candle lit dinner, run me a bath, give me a back massage and if you beg properly we might just have sex" ..... keep on gaming.

then again if you're in tune with your partner, you know when the time is right and the mood is on, and so gaming should always take a back seat..

JsonHenry2986d ago

To be completely blunt - men like me who have been married for years and been sleeping with the SAME woman all of those years might pass up on sex once in a while since it is just the same old hole as always. All the while that NEW video game is sitting there promising new adventures.

However, offer a guy like me a piece of strange and we would never choose any video game over the pleasures of a new woman.

limewax2986d ago

to anyone who reckons with the same partner is worse than gaming, whats wrong with you guys? get better partners, If my girl was throwing herself at me my entire game collection can go out the window, and its been a long time. Their shouldnt even be a 10%

Mizz_mai2986d ago

i wonder what the're partener's look like.....;)

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ElementX2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Sex lasts under a half hour when a game can last upwards of 80 hours. If you want to satisfy your hormones, just rub one off. You get the pleasurable feeling plus you can get back to gaming and not have to lay in bed with your significant other. For me at least, once it's over and done with, I don't want to just lay there in each others' arms.... :P

I'm not sure about women, because I'm gay, but once I get off, I am just not in the mood to hang around and cuddle.

Mystogan2986d ago

ieeuw, you didn't have to share THAT with us...

hay2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

@ElementX: Well, often women demand you to lay and cuddle. If not, there may be more problems than it's worth.
If there's love factor in sex, both cuddle without problems.

It's so complex in relationship and I'm too lazy to break it down...

@Mystogan: I agree, 30 minute sex is kinda short... But on the other side, he's not into it much.

HolyOrangeCows2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

"If you want to satisfy your hormones, just rub one off"
Who needs human companionship when I got ol' righty on my side?

"and not have to lay in bed with your significant other"
That's like waiting in the lobby after a match, just to exit to the main menu before another match starts up.

Otheros002986d ago

Isn't that personal? Why are you sharing that?

n to the b2986d ago

there are plenty here sharing 'personal' info. methinks you fixated on Element just cause he's gay which is... homophobic, or something.

@Element you made me think of Dafoe in Boondock Saints I lol'd.

Otheros002986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

It's not the gay part. It's before the gay part that seems personal.

n to the b2986d ago

that may be true so I guess I'll retract my homophobe accusation. but I still say, look at the title of this article - we're already getting personal, y'know?

Bolts2986d ago

The only sordid detail missing from this post is what kind of men he like for his quickies.

firefoxprime2986d ago

Gay or not, after reading that post...I kind of died on the inside. "Significan other"? Dude. You can't even have sex with another dude. And yes. I'll stop right....(there).

Chris3992986d ago

Being gay shouldn't inhibit intimacy. My brother is queer (not a femme either) and he and his partner cuddle and whatnot all the time.

I'm a man and I like to lay beside the person I'm with. It's called intimacy. Good stuff really. Popping your load and rolling over to grab a beer or pick up the 360 controller is just in poor taste. Sex can also last much longer than 1/2 an hour lol

KillerPwned2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Wow i feel sorry for you element but thats you and u went a little to far. Its weird i had a friend that was gay and he thought the same way as you do.

But whatever makes u happy...I respect it.

gamingdroid2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I must respect you for coming out clean like that. We need more of that to stop the gay aversion we have in society as something wrong.

Being gay is no different than being heterosexual beyond a different preference. It might not appeal to you, but respect for others that do is a sign of maturity.

With that said, that chick in the picture is hot! Don't know who she is though.

firefoxprime2986d ago

*while maintaining a professional & anti flame attitude...*

I respect that you respect Elements respectationishness...but all lame jokes set aside. If two men/women are really and truly supposed to be "together", then why is that biologically and naturally impossible? Bottom line is that its wrong. Simple as that. I won't beat up a gay dude/girl because they're fellow human beings, but their "mentallity what have you" is simply wrong.

I'm christian(believe jesus as my lord and savior), but even religious beliefs aside...all those gay/lesbian ppl aren't ever going to have kids. And their genes will stop right there. Them and their homosexuality. Its kind of depressing.

Mystogan2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

I do accept gay people...only if they don't do their weird/freaky things around me or be all in your face about it.

No offence element.

...Anyone knows who that girl is?


True I would not accept a son or any family member who's gay. but other people...yeh i let them be.

it's simply wrong it's like Sony and MS making a game together..its biologically and naturally impossible

Chris3992986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Religious proselytizing and harping on about virtues and beliefs is no different from someone choosing who they want to be with. "I'm Christian, but religious beliefs aside..." That's your issue right there, your religious beliefs are not 'aside' they're influencing your every word.

It's a freedom, religion, and one that you seem to be taking liberties with in telling people what their social freedoms should be. That's not for you to decide. If someone wants to be gay, it's no different from you choosing to be Christian. Deal with it. I'm sick of people hiding their hatred and ignorance behind a wall of faith.

I believe in God, or something like it, and I love my brother who is gay, and I'm pretty sure God (or whatever) loves him too. How arrogant of man, any man to assume that they know the will of the Creator. Or that this one faith so prevalent in North America (spawned from the Eastern Gods, Yaweh, who is but one of many - do a little research) is somehow greater than the beliefs of every Hebrew, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Wiccan, whatever on the planet.

Edit: You do know that animals have homosexual couplings right?

All sorts of interesting links to follow in that post. Explain that if you will. If that's not nature telling us something, I'm not sure what is.

radphil2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


That's kinda hypocritical there of you? :p

You say their mentality is wrong, yet you throw religion in there as your working point.

People always gotta resort to religion, which is already a debatable spot in it's own way TO BEGIN WITH..

Plus I know i'm gonna get disagrees because of this, but since when was any religion more right over the next?

HolyOrangeCows2986d ago

"I must respect you for coming out clean like that"

The thing about getting off?

gamingdroid2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Your comment is exaclty why I have an issue with religion, because it constantly tells you what you should do even when religion has proven wrong. Also constantly seek to tell you what you are doing is wrong.

I prefer Buddhism because it doesn't force you into anything, doesn't believe in the supernatural and you are free to pursue a different religion.

Throughout history how much damage has religion done?

Evolution has made the impossible possible throughout history so the mere fact that gay and lesbians can't have children won't mean they can't in many hundreds of thousands of years. Clearly there is no right or wrong, unless you are religious and it opposes your view!

Of course, to the religious fanatics religion is the truth, but to everyone else it is a view! Get it over it, your view is no more important than anyone elses!


No, that he is saying he is gay openly. If more people do it, it will become socially acceptable.

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Well Element is a Pagan and on top of that his gay which makes it all the more worst.

gamesmaster2986d ago

hit the nail right on the head.

ElementX2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

So being Pagan is bad? Paganism predated Christianity by thousands of years. Look at Christmas, it's the church's overtaking of the pagan Yule festival. "Christ" wasn't born in December. The church wanted to incorporate pagan festivals into Christianity to make the transition easier. Then they burned everyone who thought differently.

Christianity is a new religion, relatively speaking. Sure, go to church, give 10% of your income, go to confession, praise a god who hates everyone who doesn't believe in him and will send those nonbelievers to hell.... sounds rational to me! Hell, a majority of the population doesn't believe in Christ, so all those billions of people are going to an imaginary hell? LOL... Christianity is sexist, promotes slavery, and forces you to believe one thing or you're going to burn for eternity. Sounds like a winner to me! /sarcasm

The_Darkest_Red2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


This is neither the time nor place, however:

It doesn't matter which religion came first, it matters which one is true. Age has nothing to do with validity so lets just dismiss that argument right there.

Yes, Jesus wasn't born in December and the day of Christmas used to be a Pagan holiday. However, Europe and America were founded on Christian principles so get with it or move to another country. Sorry if that sounds harsh but it's just how culture operates.

Also, giving 10% of your income is not *required* in the Bible, nor do true Christian churches require it.

Confession in the Catholic sense (of which I am sure you are referring to) is also not in the Bible, and therefore your opinion on it doesn't have any relevance to Christianity as a religion. Christians do not need any intercessor before God other than Jesus. I don't go to confession, and I am a Christian.

The rest of your post is based on a misunderstanding of the Christian God and it's not really worth trying to point out all of its issues. Also, your 80% statistic is pulled out of thin air and there is absolutely no way of knowing it's validity.

Suffice it to say that hatred and love are characteristics that are reflections of God's holy character. There is nothing wrong with a hatred that is perfectly righteous and just, contrary to what culture and your mind might try and convince you of. Considering that love couldn't exist without God it's hard to accuse him of doing something "wrong." If you want to take that route I would ask you where you derive your absolute moral system from. Good luck answering that question.

Ocelot5252986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )


the fact that the people above you are offended by elementalx' post, proves that our cultures in europe and the US are dominated, even today, by the christian culture

even most atheists are using christian morale without knowing it. We are offended by nudity for example, while the romans adn greeks weren't. The christian morale is thus even implemented in the law.

But (luckily?) this is slowly fading away, mostly in europe(gay marriage, nude beaches, and even toleration of nudity in the street, ...)

n to the b2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

morality dependent entirely on god has already been debunked, it fails a simple logic test. see, if god were the only source of morality - wouldn't we have to value murder & mayhem if he told us to do so? but don't we think that murder & mayhem are wrong in and of themselves?

I believe it was the philosopher Kant who proposed that logic test. he still believes god can exist though - just that he would have a perfect understanding of an INDEPENDENT morality.

The_Darkest_Red2986d ago

I'm not sure where we disagree on anything, I agree with what you said, minus the "luckily." America thinks it wants to be free of God and His morals but this will only lead to chaos and destruction, as predicted by Nietzsche.

@n to the b
You are misunderstanding the meaning of absolute, I'm afraid. An absolute God (such as the Christian God) is unchanging. God commands us not to murder, and this is a reflection of his holy character. He cannot defy his own characteristics and nature and he therefore will never command us to murder.

If you believe morality exists independent of a God then you have quite a lot of proving to do. Namely, where does your system come from? Culture? Society? Neither are absolute. If you think that morality exists INHERENTLY within all humans then you must provide a cause for that inherent morality. Basically you are pointing yourself towards the existence of a God.

You have to view morality as a revelation of the characteristics of God, his INHERENT characteristics. God doesn't make the rules, He IS the rules.

n to the b2986d ago

oh dear. well I appreciate you not being a d*** about it though.

the logic test posed by Immanuel Kant is sound. I'd guess you're getting hung up on 'why would god ever...?' (which was my initial reaction, too). but if you really think about it and follow the logic, morality MUST be independent.

as for where I think 'morality' REALLY comes from: evolution, baby! survival often becomes easier when we work together.

The_Darkest_Red2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

No, I'm not getting hung up on "why would God ever." The logic you are using may be sound but the premises are false, negating the argument as a whole.

Let me try again. God reveals His character to us in His word, The Bible (at least in my belief system, the Christian worldview). The God I believe in, who is taught of in the Bible, is unchanging, everlasting, and absolute. He absolutely believes murder is wrong and remember, murder is unjust killing, and God is just by his very nature. Therefore God cannot advocate murder because it violates His very nature. There is no hang up here, it's simply you misunderstanding the Christian God.

We're talking about absolute morality here (at least I am), not "I think this is ok because..." That is what you call subjective or relativistic morality, and I personally don't buy into that type of thinking. I believe morals are absolute (for example, it is ABSOLUTELY wrong to murder someone) not because evolution implanted that system in my brain or because it benefits society (which it does, but that is again, subjective) but because my God tells me not to do it.

I believe in an absolute moral system that is derived from an absolutely perfect being, the Christian God. All of my morals are based on Him and what He advocates in the Bible. Once again, no hang-ups here because he is absolutely unchanging.

Finally, I want to reemphasize the fact that the moral system you adhere to (caused by evolution) is purely subjective. For example, one person might think it's ok to steal under a certain circumstance while another may not. It's up to the individual to decide.

This is one of the biggest problems with atheism, it can't tell us why things are wrong. It can tell us why they possibly aren't beneficial (to society, our relationships, etc.) but it cannot, from a philisophical perspective, define good or evil. Add with this atheism's inability to explain existence and rational thought and you can see that the worldview is littered with numerous irreconcilable problems.

n to the b2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

"He absolutely believes murder is wrong and remember, murder is unjust killing, and God is just by his very nature."

based on this I'd say you actually do agree with an independent morality and it's just that god perfectly understands an independent morality. which means it does not originate directly from him. which means that in theory at least humans CAN be moral without god; based on our own understanding of right vs wrong. which does in fact contradict your statement, "If you want to take that route I would ask you where you derive your absolute moral system from. Good luck answering that question."

that's ok though, you meant that there is no ABSOLUTE morality w/out god. now that I know where you're coming from I would instead argue that indeed the world can and does function without absolutes. I would say there is no such thing as truly good or evil and I'm okay with that.

anyway cheers and I'll agree to disagree. :)

The_Darkest_Red2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I thought I made myself pretty clear, morality does originate from God. I don't know where you are getting this idea that I advocate "independent morality" from.

When I say unjust killing I mean unjust in the eyes of God. Good and evil are defined by what is good and evil in the eyes of God, as defined by his nature. There is no room for independent interpretation.

I'm glad you are ok with believing that there is no such thing as absolute good and evil but I honestly could never convince myself of such a thing. Just look at what Hitler did to the Jews, killing millions of men, women, and CHILDREN. If you can convince yourself that that is not true and ABSOLUTE evil then you just don't have a heart in my honest opinion.

Also I'm sure you are aware that by arguing for total relativism you have to believe that the only absolute truth is that there is no absolute truth, or something along those lines. This statement is obviously contradictory because it is, in and of itself, claiming to be an absolute truth. It's a completely illogical and fallacious way of thinking.

Beyond that I will agree to disagree as well. Thanks for keeping things civil.

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ElementX2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Guys, it's in my profile. It says "gaymer". If you don't read profiles, I'm sorry. I only mentioned that fact because the pic of a woman in this article. It's not cool to assume every gamer is straight. I make it a point to mention my sexuality once in a while just to let others know there are gay people who are gamers. Heck, I also enjoy fishing, hunting, and other outdoors stuff. I own a 20ga. shotgun and 8mm magnum deer rifle. I think it's time that people recognize that people of other sexualities enjoy the same things straight people do. Gays can't be open in the military in the US, however I think I could be a great marksman. Gay rights is the current civil rights debate. 60 years ago a white person wouldn't marry a black person, and blacks were segregated. This day in age, gays are facing the same hatred.

BABY-JEDI2986d ago

Good for you ElementX all the best
Some people will think your preaching, but really your teaching

Lykon2986d ago

hi element , i am a young vulnerable body builder and the excitement about gran turismo 5 has led me to want to experiment with homosexual activities, but i was hoping to be kissed and held for a little while afterwards. i have very round muscular buttocks and a hairless tight anus can you advise or help me?

RedDevils2986d ago

never seen that cumming :P

Prototype2985d ago


Be into men all you want, more women for me :D

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SuperStrokey11232986d ago

Id suspect this 10% have never actually had sex...

truehunter2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

The site claim a partners, witch mean they ether have a gf or wife. I have a Wife, i usely play game durn afternoon an be with her at nite. Basicly its a win win for me. Would i miss playing games to be with her ... dam st8 i would. For the other 10% ether they got annoying gf or wife thus avoid them by playing games. ppl are getting the wrong idea thinking of ramdom girls find in the street for sex or games. Sad ppl these days.

Convas2986d ago

I disagree. Once you get lil Mamacita from Puerto Rico, or Brazil, or Spain, or any hispanic country layin' it down on Papi, I think you'll be singing a different tune, my brother.

Gamehead362986d ago

im messing with this half Mexican half black chick and boy do she know how to ride a d*** :)

aint no asian girl know how to ride a d***

HxCGamer2986d ago

white is better!

and im from spain!

CellularDivinization2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Anyone that finds asian girls "hot" is an obvious basement dwelling weebo thats into hentai. Sorry bro but im not into flat faces.
Real men are into Puerto Ricans, cubans, and some Eastern European women.

@ angry virgin weabo below me
Yes I would love to keep Selma Hayek and Eva Longoria to myself. You can keep your anime porn. :)

Ocelot5252986d ago

you can keep your fat, trashy, STD infected hoes for yourself

ThisPlaceSucksBye2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Relax, my man.
I've been living in Vancouver for a few years, and I'm sorry, but I find Asian ladies very attractive. I've pretty much only dated Japanese, Korean or Chinese girls, and I am just not going back :)